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Our DiscipleLife Ministry offers year-round classes on various topics to help grow you to a closer relationship with God as women of faith.


One-time events at Mount Pisgah are developed to help you live the best life that God has planned for you as we seek a deeper life with Him.


From online courses and the PLACE assessment to the Right Now Media library and other tools, we are here to help you grow in your own faith and equip you to share with others.

Our adult ministries at Mount Pisgah are lead by the Disciple Life team. Our hope is to provide you with the tools and training that enable you to grow spiritually. We believe that biblical knowledge can inspire you to embrace a Christ-centered lifestyle and to develop skills that will ignite your passion to disciple others. Disciple Life aims to meet you wherever you are on your life’s journey.  

Whether that is in a season of learning, living, or leading, it would be our joy to help you take the next step in your journey towards living a Disciple Life.


We welcome you to contact us today to learn more about how you can get connected with other people just like you at Mount Pisgah. We have several classes and groups for you to be a part of.

Connect Series
Connect Series

This 26 week study is broken down in to 5 classes designed to help you learn about and connect to Mount Pisgah and our community of faith while growing in your own walk. 

Group Finder
Group Finder

Our Group Finder tool will help you filter by day of the week, theme, and live stage to find a small group, Bible study or class that is just right for you!

Discipleship Groups
Discipleship Groups

Jesus is inviting you to come and follow Him. He summons you to “trade-in your all for one great pearl” (Matthew 13:45-46) and to prepare yourself to reach God’s world. It is a call for you to become the man or woman God intended for you to be.  Respond to His invitation by committing to a small group focused on this purpose.  At Mount Pisgah, we call these Discipleship groups. 


A Discipleship group is a safe place to be transparent, grow spiritually and become equipped to invest in others   Joining a Discipleship group is an invitation to study to Jesus’ model, develop spiritual disciplines and learn new skills for disciple-making. During the time of your group, you will be challenged to examine every area of your life in the light of the Scriptures so that you may emerge as a man or woman after God’s own heart.


Discipleship groups meet weekly through the school year and sporadically over the summer. An equipped leader facilitates Bible-based teachings with typically 4-6, same-gender believers. These closed groups meet at a variety of times and stay together for an average of 3 years. 


To learn more about Discipleship Groups at Mount Pisgah, please email, or submit an inquiry below.

Women's Ministry
Women's Ministry

With a collection of women's groups, Bible studies and special events, we strive to bring women together in supportive and loving community. Learn more about our current classes and upcoming events and conferences. 

Men's Minstry
Thursday Morning Men: Devotional Breakfast

Thursday | Ongoing | 7:30 AM | Uptown Cafe

Join men of all ages and life-stages at Uptown Café each Thursday for a hot breakfast (first-time attendees eat free!) and time of devotion. 

Uptown Café is located at 9850 Nesbit Ferry Road, Johns Creek GA 30022 


No registration necessary - just join us!

February 9, 2023
Women's Chocolate Fondue Evening

Thursday, February 09, 2023 | 7:00 – 8:30 PM | Gathering Area

Join us for an evening of God and girlfriends. We will have music, a sweet message, hot beverages, and chocolate fondue. 

February 18, 2023
Sisters In Christ Conference At Mount PIsgah

Saturday, February 18, 2023 | 9AM to Noon | Gathering Area & Sanctuary

What a blessing it is to host this women's conference that has its humble beginnings in 1997. You and yours are invited to come and share in the mssion of Sisters in Christ Ministries which is to minister to women of all denominations, in the hope that they are Encouraged, Empowered and Restored to live Christ-centered abundant lives. Guest speakers will share personal testimonies of how with God's love and grace they have overcome tragedies and obstacles in their lives. Women leave with a refreshed and renewed spirit full of hope and confidence in God's promises. There is no cost to attend this special event. 

Volunteers are needed to help welcome our guests. If you would be willing to volunteer please email Amy Van Haveren

Marriage Resources

Many of our couples and relationship therapists at The Summit have studied the work of John Gottman, Ph.D., the country’s foremost marital researcher, and couples therapist. We draw upon this ground-breaking work, as well as other information from both the behavioral sciences and the Christian faith, as we help couples improve their relationship. We will help you gain a new perspective about yourself, your partner, and your relationship. We see people involved in EVERY stage of a relationship and managing all kinds of relationship concerns. If you are ready to speak to one of our friendly front office staff about The Summit’s couple counseling options or would like to make an appointment, please call (678) 893-5300.

Living Power - Online Bible Study
Living Power Online Bible Study

Living Power is an online Bible study that you can do at home or on the road, on any technology device, with the help of your own personal Bible teacher, Shannon Mullins! We read through all the Old and New Testaments, while Shannon explains the historical background, brings in world history, and uncovers hidden meaning to help you understand the Bible better. The daily videos are 10-15 minutes. Learn more and subscribe here.

Right Now Media
Right Now Media

Mount Pisgah Church is giving a free gift subscription to, which is one of the largest online conduits for Christian video content. With over 4,000 titles, it is the equivalent of a Christian Netflix. There is something for everyone and you are able to access the material from any PC or mobile device. This gift to our members will help you and your family dig deeper into God's Word, growing as disciples of Jesus Christ. Sign up here!

Place Assessment
Place Assessment

PLACE is an intentional process to connect church members into purpose-driven ministry including self-discovery, individualized ministry coaching, and tracking from workshop training to ministry placement. Through the PLACE process, people discover that God has created and gifted them with a unique capacity to serve others.

4:19 School of Discipleship
4:19 Disciple Makers Resources

4:19 School of Disciple Makers is a training platform from Mount Pisgah Church that equips leaders to make disciples. We provide resources, knowledge, and skills needed to disciple those God entrusted to us. Online resources, podcasts, and monthly sacred moments practices will build up your skill set in practical ways to lead groups and provide one-on-one discipleship.

Walk to Emmaus
Walk to Emmaus, Chrysalis & Face to Face

These spiritual retreats are designed to deepen your faith walk in a truly meaningful way and unique experience. Through the Emmaus community, you will be inspired and embraced in a faith community in a new way. 

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