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Welcome to online giving! With such a strange time upon us we know that our Mount Pisgah family still desires to give to the ministry and emergency funds of our church. We hope the following step by step guide will help you navigate the online giving options and allow you to continue to partner with us even when the offering plate doesn’t go by. Let’s get going!​


Visit in your favorite web browser. From the home page (pictured below) click on “Give."


From the Giving page, choose your method of giving. If you already have a member account, you can log in and proceed from there. The next set of steps is based on the one-time gift process.


Complete your personal information accordingly and choose “Submit.”


You will now have access to all the ministry funds where you can make contributions. Simply type the amount you wish to give. Additional funds are available through the drop box labeled “More Giving Funds Below” underneath the three listed funds. When you have your total gifts noted, please click “Submit.”


Your next page will allow you to complete your payment information as you would any online bill payment. The default is for a card but there is a second tab to set up an electronic draft from your bank account if you have a routing and account number. 


Click that “Make Payment” button and you should be directed to a confirmation message and screen. You should also receive a confirmation email in your in box with the details of your transaction.


  1. The Recurring Giving option on the “Give” page will allow you to preschedule your gifts to draft from your preferred payment method automatically based on your preferences. Recurring Giving can be edited at anytime through your TouchPoint account.

  2. If you have not created a myData account in TouchPoint, enter your email address to receive access information.

  3. If there is not a match in the system to your email address, you will not receive an access email. In that case, please contact Mount Pisgah’s TouchPoint Administrator at  / 678-869-1235 to provide a valid email address.

Benefits of a TouchPoint myData Account:

  • Access to your own record and those of your family members

  • Update personal information, such as an address, phone numbers, email address, birthdate, and marital status

  • Make a donation or manage recurring giving online easily from your people record

    • Both the Give Once and Recurring Giving pages provide the option of selecting the General Ministry Fund or a drop-down for numerous other funds.

    • The Recurring Giving page also presents scheduling options (Ex: Repeat Weekly, every 2 Weeks; or Repeat Monthly, every 1 Month.)  Giving will start on the date specified by the donor.

    • Payments can be made from a Debit/Credit card or your bank account. The option to save your payment is provided for your convenience.

    • There is a red Stop Recurring Payment button provided should you need to end your recurring giving.

  • Print your own contribution statement at any time

  • Use your myData account log-in when registering online for events/classes to pre-populate name and contact information fields

  • Instant recognition within the Mount Pisgah mobile app when you save your login information


Once you access your record, please take a look at the information stored for yourself and others in your household.  You can use the Edit button to add and update information in certain portions of the record.

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