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Mount Pisgah StudentLife

Mount Pisgah Student Life Ministries partner with PrayingPelican.org to support ministry to orphans and children in need in the nation of Haiti. For more information on this ministry, please see our Student Life page.


Mully's Children's Family

Mully Children’s Family is committed to following Jesus Christ in assisting and working with the poor, displaced, and oppressed children of Kenya through rescue, rehabilitation, capacity building, access to education and training, and medical care, parental love, psychological support, and spiritual care.


Glory Outreach Assembly

Glory Outreach Assembly operates 7 children’s homes, engages in leadership training and church planting efforts, and seeks to promote peace and conflict resolution in local communities.


International Leadership Institute

International Leadership Institute (ILI) trains and mobilizes more than 10,000 leaders each year with the eight core values of the most effective Christian leaders, accelerating the spread of the life-transforming power of the Gospel through leaders of leaders empowered by the Holy Spirit.



Elam trains leaders and workers to be effective ministers of the Gospel in the Iran region, equipping the Church with resources that will assist them in their ministry, and sending leaders and workers to strengthen existing churches, establish new churches, and provide relief for the poor and persecuted.


UMC Costa Rica

Mount Pisgah partners with the United Methodist Church in Costa Rica through several local congregations to support them in reaching the vulnerable and those in need, and building up the Body of Christ and equipping them for the work of the Gospel in Costa Rica.


The Seed Company

Over a billion people worldwide don’t have the full Bible in the language they know best. Nearly 1,700 languages don’t have any Scripture at all. The Seed Company is on a mission to provide a Bible translated for all languages. To learn more, please visit theseedcompany.org

Costa Rica

  • Timeframe: July 4–11, 2020

  • Commitment Level (F2,S1)  What is this?

  • Primary Activity: A wonderful family trip opportunity. Kids activities, street evangelism, Bible studies, serving meals and minor construction work on Children’s Home with the Abraham Project, El Faro Church, and the local community.

  • Ministry Partners:  Abraham Project and UMC of Costa Rica  

  • Team Leader: Jon Hughes jmh42@hotmail.com

  • Estimated Costs: $1,700 per person (including airfare, lodging, and all meals)

  • Any team size recommendations/restrictions: There are no team size recommendations or restrictions.  All ages are welcome and this is an ideal trip for families, even with small children. Generally, you have a choice between working with the children or construction, so manual labor is not a requirement. 

  • Training Requirements: Attend all pre-trip meetings - Dates TBD

Registration deadline: February 1, 2020


  • Timeframe: June 19 - July 1, 2020

  • Commitment Level (F4,S1) What is this?

  • Primary Activity: Visiting Loodariak and partnering with Mully Children’s Family. Engaging in Kids activities, Leadership training, providing encouragement, prayer and participating in street evangelism in Vipingo.

  • Ministry Partner: Mully Children’s Family

  • Team Leaders: Craig & Kim Steuterman csteuterman.mcfusa@gmail.com and spnutkc@comcast.net

  • Estimated Costs: $ 1,500 per person (plus airfare) – Estimated total cost $3,800

  • Any team size recommendations/restrictions: Up to 20

  • Training Requirements: Attend all pre-trip meetings - Dates TBD

Registration deadline: February 1, 2020


  • Timeframe:  July 9 – July 19, 2020 (includes 2 days on front and back of trip for travel and time change recovery) Camp is from July 13 – 17

  • Commitment Level (F3,S2)  What is this?

  • Actual Location: Kiev, Ukraine

  • Primary Activity: Family Camp and Community Outreach – Partnership with Resurrection Church with Pastor Igor and Suzanna Fedorovych in Kiev.

  • Team Leader: Michael Jordan mjordan@mountpisgah.org

  • Estimated Costs: $2,000 - $2,500 per person (including airfare) 

  • Any team size recommendations/restrictions: 6 adults and 6-8 students. Primarily need gifting in leading and supporting youth & teen ministry events, worship, and teaching discipleship principles to all age groups.

Registration deadline: March 1, 2020

Discipleship Training

  • Timeframe: Trips scheduled throughout the year

  • Commitment Level (F2-F4, S3) What is this?

  • Travel/Financial Commitment: Varies based on location

  • Primary Activity: Participating in discipleship training with Hernando Montana through Receiving His Life Ministries.

  • Team/Ministry Leader: Please contact Hernando Montana hernando@receivingHislife.org

  • Estimated Costs: TBD based on location

  • Training Requirements: Receiving His Life Training – 32 hours

  • Potential 2019/2020 Locations: Nepal, Cuba, India, Philippines, Costa Rica, Hungary

Dominican Republic – Water@Work

  • Timeframe: TBD – 5 to 7 day trips

  • Commitment Level (F2,S1) What is this?

  • Primary Activity: A vision and teaching trip with our Water@Work Ministry partner.  The focus will be to educate people on community development and understanding the elements of successfully implementing clean water factories to support the local church and provide clean water to the communities they serve.  

  • Team/Ministry Leader: Please contact Dan Blevins danblevins@comcast.net if you have any interest or questions

  • Estimated Costs: $1,500 per person (including airfare)

Christian Leadership Development

  • Timeframe: Spring/Summer/Fall 2020 – 7 or 9 day week trips depending on location

  • Commitment Level (F2-F3, S3) What is this?

  • Primary Activity: Participation in ILI Christian Leadership Development Training through History Maker Conferences

  • Team Leader: Please contact Michael Jordan mjordan@mountpisgah.org if you have any interest or questions

  • Estimated Costs: TBD based on location

  • Any team size recommendations/restrictions: 3 maximum – VISA may be required depending on location.

  • Potential 2020 Locations: Siberia, Azerbaijan, Spain, Italy, Finland, Luxembourg, Romania, Georgia, and Czech Republic.

Our Goal

Making disciples of Jesus Christ in all nations by evangelizing the unreached, supporting & encouraging the persecuted church and ministering to the vulnerable & those in need.