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mission opportunities:
our mission partners:

Mount Pisgah StudentLife

Mount Pisgah Student Life Ministries partner with to support ministry to orphans and children in need in the nation of Haiti. For more information on this ministry, please see our Student Life page.


Mully's Children's Family

Mully Children’s Family is committed to following Jesus Christ in assisting and working with the poor, displaced, and oppressed children of Kenya through rescue, rehabilitation, capacity building, access to education and training, and medical care, parental love, psychological support, and spiritual care.


International Leadership Institute

International Leadership Institute (ILI) trains and mobilizes more than 10,000 leaders each year with the eight core values of the most effective Christian leaders, accelerating the spread of the life-transforming power of the Gospel through leaders of leaders empowered by the Holy Spirit.



Elam trains leaders and workers to be effective ministers of the Gospel in the Iran region, equipping the Church with resources that will assist them in their ministry, and sending leaders and workers to strengthen existing churches, establish new churches, and provide relief for the poor and persecuted.


Dominican Republic – Water@Work

  • Timeframe: June 17-24, 2023

  • Commitment Level (F2,S1) What is this?

  • Primary Activity:  We will be partnering with Water@Work to host church outreach events like VBS, and visiting and performing maintenance on the water plants by doing some light landscaping and a fresh coat of paint before Public Health inspection. This will be a great opportunity for individuals and families (children ages 10 and up) to serve together in the mission field. Teams will be 20-25 but additional trips may be planned based on response.

  • Team/Ministry Leader: Dan Blevins and Michael Jordan

  • Estimated Costs: $1,900 per person (including airfare)

  • Training Requirements: Attend all pre-trip meetings - Dates TBD

  • Registration Deadline: March 1, 2023

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  • Timeframe: August 18-27, 2023

  • Commitment Level (F4,S1) What is this?

  • Primary Activity:  Come learn that by loving like Jesus, Mully Children’s Family is changing the face of poverty while growing God’s kingdom one child at a time. Discover how MCF loves the children and communities to offer hope to the hopeless and serve the least of these.

    Team activities will include spending time in classrooms with the children, hearing testimonies, delivering food packages to community families, providing a meal to a whole school and visiting 4 MCF campus locations.  Team member spiritual gifts may offer bible training, creative devotions, crafts with children and disciple making.

  • Ministry Partner: Mully Children’s Family

  • Team Leaders: Craig & Kim Steuterman 

  • Estimated Costs: $ 1,500 per person (plus airfare) – Estimated total cost $3,800

  • Any team size recommendations/restrictions: Up to 20

  • Training Requirements: Attend all pre-trip meetings - Dates TBD

Registration deadline: March 1, 2023

Our Goal

Making disciples of Jesus Christ in all nations by evangelizing the unreached, supporting & encouraging the persecuted church and ministering to the vulnerable & those in need.

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