Thursday, June 24


  • We have had 2 baptisms and 4 new members since our last meeting on April 22.

  • The protocols we had in place for Covid-19 were slightly changed in late May.  A team of staff members continues to evaluate the protocols and will work with the Leadership Team for any future changes or recommendations.

  • Jason has been working on his ordination requirements for his March 2022 interviews.  Over the summer he has been working with families with young children to make sandwiches for areas homeless and marginalized.  The organization we are working with is Chris 180.


  • Worked with a designer from concept to design to install new, mural style banners for the Gathering Area.  These can be reused for the future and rotated out with other banner designs/concepts.

  • Continue to see at least 2 first-time, new visitors each week for Sunday worship.  In addition, 2-3 members/couples/families who have not attended in more than a year, come back each week as the vaccine is received.

  • Revamped welcome bags for first-time visitors to include RISE campaign elements and devotional.

  • Special Mother’s Day hospitality additions included: a boxwood greenery photo backdrop wall decorated with flowers (reusable); bookmarks designed by our resident artist Lea Taylor and passed out to all ladies on Sunday morning.  

  • Special Father’s Day hospitality additions included: sports-themed photo backdrop wall; nitro coffee offered in the Gathering Area all morning.

  • Put together Sanitizing Kits with instructions for use in all classrooms and frequently used spaces, with the goal of emphasizing safety protocols we still have in place and an additional level of cleanliness.

  • Started serving traditional communion on June 20th Sunday worship at 9:30 am with bread and juice at stations.  It was very well received with 85% of the congregation opting to receive in a traditional format.  Ushers carried individual sets of communion elements for those who did not want to leave their pew seats.

Parent Ministry:

  • Our Parent Summer Series, Becoming Better Grownups is averaging 15 parents each Wednesday evening, is meeting in person.  We have partnered with Student Life Nursery and Children’s Ministry to offer childcare and programming for parents with infants through High School seniors during the same hours.  

  • Moms Fellowship Group ended the school year with in-person classes of an avg of 8 moms (nursery provided) and will continue to meet informally throughout the summer for playdates and dinners.

  • The ongoing support group for moms of children with a range of mental health diagnoses continues to meet weekly this summer.

  • Ongoing prayer, support, and encouragement to families of all ages, stages, and circumstances were delivered to families at an average of 10-15 hours per week.

Pisgah Fosters:

  • Pisgah Fosters and Community Engagement staff and volunteers teamed up to offer a congregation-wide service project during which we made and delivered 50 “first day bags” for children coming into care with DFAX in the South Fulton district office.

  • Pisgah Fosters welcomed and supported another foster child coming into care with the Morgan foster family.   

  • Pisgah Fosters teamed up with Student Life during Middle School Mission Camp this week to make 300 snack bags for Wellroot Family Services and 10 Loaves and Fishes frozen meals.

  • Pisgah Fosters will coordinate a “Fill the Freezer” initiative in July with the goal of increasing awareness of the foster care crisis in our families, congregation, and community through Loaves and Fishes events.

Caring Ministry:

  • Unshakeable Hope by Max Lucado kicked off in May with 18 participants. This study offers those in the church or community the opportunity to know God’s promises and live in them.

  • Plans are in the works to organize a new GriefShare group later in the year. 

  • Cards of encouragement prepared by church members are continued to be delivered to local elder care homes as some locations are still prohibiting visitation.

  • The Prison Ministry is looking forward to visitation restrictions being lifted so that they can again share God’s love with the incarcerated. 

  • The Shield-A-Badge program providing notes of appreciation and encouragement continue to be delivered to Johns Creek law enforcement personnel.

  • Plans are underway to recruit and train new Stephen Ministers beginning this fall.

  • Due to COVID concerns, hospital visitation is still prohibited.

Student Ministry:

  • High School Mission Trip to Tucson, AZ – 21 students and adults traveled to Tucson where they hosted a VBS for the community kids, built a playground at their host church (including putting down mulch!), distributed hygiene kits to the homeless in a couple of local parks, worked with GAP ministries (foster care support) and completed a couple of projects for the Gospel Rescue Mission (homeless ministry).  In addition to these opportunities, they also served at the host church by cleaning and organizing several rooms in the host church.

  • Middle School Mission Camp – 41 students with their leaders served at MSMC this past week!  They served at Mega Sports Camp each morning.  In the afternoons, we had the opportunity to support our Foster Care ministry by making meals for the freezer and filling breakfast bags for WellRoot’s back-to-school event (300 bags!).  We also made 4th of July cards that will be distributed to the area Assisted Living homes.  We went out to The Oaks apartment complex Tuesday evening where we served dinner and played/hung out with the kids in the MPUMC in the Spanish congregation; in addition to going out into the community, we also packed 120 snack bags for Pastor Jorge to hand out as needed.  Wednesday saw us supporting Camp Lighthouse by packing tote bags for the campers and creating fun pillowcases for each camper.

  • Road Trip 2021 – 12 students and 6 leaders are heading up to West Virginia in July to serve a local community there.  They will be hosting a VBS for the community kids as well as working to support the host church and a couple of other homeless ministries in the area. 

  • Wednesday night programming continues to be a highlight for our students each week.  The summer brings the opportunity to stay a little later and mix it up a bit and we are taking full advantage of that!  We’ve hosted a Trivia Night which brought 20 new friends to us; we’re planning to break out the bubble machine soon, too.  We’ve served snow cones and Waffle House is on the schedule for later in the summer too.  We’ll take a break at the beginning of August and resume right after school starts.

  • Sunday mornings in June have been consistently engaging and well-attended.  The students are leading the Bible lessons each week and it is a joy to see them growing in their faith and their walk with Christ as they dig into the Scripture they are leading.  We’ll take the month of July off and resume in August.

  • Upcoming news and events:  Velocity (Middle School Retreat) and Lighthouse (High School Retreat) will be held again in the Fall; Confirmation will be held in the Spring and our Student Life Retreat (Middle + High School) will be in the Spring, too.  We had good success with moving events around last year, so we’re going to try it again!

Community Engagement/Missions:

  • Global Missions - Our global mission's partners continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the countries where they serve, with many being hit hard by the economic impact of the pandemic as well as the health crisis. Mount Pisgah was able to provide over $28,000 of assistance through our COVID-19 Relief Fund to ILI (Siberia, Congo, and India), Abraham Project (Costa Rica), International Leadership Institute (Congo, Siberia, Pakistan), Elam Ministries(Afghanistan), Mully Children's Family (Kenya), Venezuela Now, and Vishiwavani (India).  Children's Ministry raised $707 to provide Children’s Bibles in Persian, for distribution through Elam Ministries. During VBS, the children are collecting money to help with food and supplies for Vishwavani families in India who have been severely impacted by the pandemic.

  •  Sunday Supper – We continue to provide meals and work to develop relationships with the residents of the Oaks apartments on the 1st Sunday of each month. A free meal, a prayer, and a message of hope. A group of 15-20 Mount Pisgah volunteers served all 125 meals at the last Sunday Supper on June 6th. The next Sunday Supper will be July 11th at 4:00 PM and we will have a prayer walk in the community on Saturday, July 10th at 9:00 AM.

  • Community Outreach – Since the last council meeting, several community outreach opportunities. This month and July we will be making PB&J sandwiches as we partner with CHRIS 180 and The Sandwich Project to help the homeless and marginalized of Atlanta. Opportunities to serve are on  June 16, June 30, July 7, July 21, from 11:00 AM-Noon in the Gathering Area.


Community Engagement “Outside These Walls” (Listening Group)


Below is a vision statement and high-level description of attributes and characteristics of a new recurring event, with initial thoughts on timing and frequency. At this point in the discussion, we are staying at a higher level.  We want to “loosen” this initiative and allow for others to speak into it and to adjust and move as the Spirit guides us and as we learn and grow into this.  There were a lot of details discussed and flushed out with the “Listening Group”, and we will begin to form an implementation team in July.


Vision Statement

  • An ongoing event/ministry/engagement initiative involving all age groups, ethnic groups, and ministries associated with Mount Pisgah, to support and encourage our existing ministries as an entire church, fellowship together, and engage with the multi-generational and multi-ethnic community we live in. 


Primary Attributes/Characteristics of the Recurring Event

  • Being an Acts-based church - The simplicity of the Acts church reminds us to encourage and support each other ministry and share the Lord’s teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer together.  There is a coming together and sending out aspect to this initiative.

  • The desired goal is to build community inside and outside Mount Pisgah. It will take time to grow - to learn as we go - patience is needed - it will change us all! 

  • Food, fellowship, new relationships, support of existing ministries, community service

    • Promote and encourage fellowship with our Hispanic and Indian congregations - give them something they can invite their friends and community to - translators are part of every event – signage and social media (English, Spanish, and Hindi) 

  • Must be visible to the community – the tent is up, a beacon/light to the community!

    • We want our community to drive by and wonder what is going on in that parking lot that is attracting so many people. They look like they are having fun! I want to be a part of serving my community.  All to glorify God!

  • Low key/low production event to reduce barriers – be invitational and inviting, not intimidating

  • Laity driven – heavy on lay involvement


Timing and Frequency

  • Start soon, start small and grow into some sort of month frequency - Day and Time TBD

    • Before we lose the appeal of a safe outside activity (pandemic)

    • Held every other month or every month same time, build consistency, something the community can return to and grow to expect – they can invite their friends.

Worship Arts:

  • Easter Sunday, full choir/orchestra.

  • Keeping strong numbers through the summer.

  • Social Events well attended (Ice Cream party May 19, Picnic/Music June 18)

  • Working towards starting children’s choirs in the fall.

Children's Ministry:

  • Splash Sundays – children’s programming continues all summer this year with 7 weeks of splash Sunday! We’re outside for worship, a Bible lesson taught by members of the student life speaking team, and playing water games. Come volunteer with us, you’ll have a great time! 

  • Mega Sports Camp VBS – this is the first year of Mega Sports Camp, returning to morning hours, and extending the time from 3 to 4 hours. Today was the last day of VBS so updates and stats will be live.

Mount Pisgah en Español:

  • Initiatives of the new ministry:

    • We will send boxes of clothing and food to Honduras and Venezuela every two months.

    • We will start in August, after the service (The last Sunday of the month) the family lunches, where everybody brings traditional homemade food. 

    • We started to have the prayer service (every Friday, in person and by Zoom

    • We will be supporting each Monday afternoon, praying for each family that receives food/groceries at Roswell Methodist Church.

    • We will begin (from mid-July) the first level of Discipleship on Thursdays at 7:30 pm

    • We will start the program for young adults (18 to 30 years old): “Café con Jesús”. The program supported by the New Expression of the North Georgia conference

    • We pray every day at 6:00 pm on Facebook for Covid patients.

  • Recent church events that we completed with attendance numbers:

    • We finished the 1st and 2nd levels of discipleship by Zoom. In the first level we have 15 people and in the second level 10 people

    • We distribute more than 30 bags of Bagels every Sunday

    • On Wednesdays, we have Pizza with Jesus for the youth. Attendance of more than 30 young people every Wednesday

    • We carry out different activities with our youth, such as:

      • Movie night (25 young people)

      • Friday of Glory (31 young people)

      • A car wash (10 youth)

      • An afternoon with Jesus (Antonio house) (35 young people)

    • Every Tuesday after 5:00 pm we begin the fasting that ends on Wednesday at 1:00 pm. We hold Zoom meetings on Tuesday at 9:00 pm (Prayer, clamor, and interference). On Wednesday we have Zoom meetings at 5:00 am; 10:00 am and we end the fast at 1:00 pm (attendance of 5 people per meeting)

    • We have singing classes for the worship ministry (Attendance of 7 people)

    • The average attendance on Sundays is around 150 people present and around 500 people in social media.

    • We continue to carry out our services on Wednesdays at 7:30 in person and online. With a face-to-face attendance of 20 people and more than 150 people online.

    • We have 4 homes of light, with an average attendance of 6 people per group. The meeting takes place every 8 days.

    • The women's group met with the attendance of 20 women

    • The men's group met with the attendance of 10 people

    • We continue the prayer program 4 times a day. (5:00 am - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm). It is called: "the call of Jesus" and each one of us stops a few minutes when the alarm sounds and makes a brief prayer remembering that God has accompanied us up to that moment and that God will continue to accompany us. We pray for the whole Church. We are more than 40 people who received the call of Jesus

    • We support the Sunday dinner program with the pastor: Michael Jordan, which takes place the first Sunday of each month

    • We sent 4 boxes of food and clothes for two families in Honduras

    • We carry out a 16th birthday service, for the twin sisters Pamela and Damaris.

    • We provide counseling and advice to couples, youth, and adults.

    • Thanks to the leadership of the student ministry Michelle Gray for donating 120 bags of food for Hispanic children

  • Updates on the progress of the general ministry. Going forward:

    • In these new times, we continue with our mission and vision of making disciples here, there, and everywhere, passionate and in love with Jesus Christ. To be a Church of life where Jesus heals restores people, families and we expand the Kingdom of God

    • We will continue to motivate, encourage and train people to follow the model of Jesus (Discipleship). That people connect with God through prayer, fasting and have a new lifestyle that reflects the life of Christ.

    • We will continue to focus on giving spiritual nourishment to the members of Mount Pisgah UMC in Spanish so that they can mature and develop a good and solid relationship with God.

    • We continue to make disciples here, there, and everywhere.

    • We continue to provide counseling and spiritual guidance to couples, adults, couples, and the younger members of our Church.