Thursday, October 20, 2022


Board of Trustees

New Ministry Initiatives

  • The Board of Trustees continue to actively and effectively manage church property, equipment and investments in capital improvements.  Major projects totaling $1 million are being evaluated for the upcoming year that include shingle replacements for 3 sections of the roof and modernization of the 2 elevators.

Recently Completed Events/Stats

  • A "Request for Proposal" project for a replacement chiller for the Church was just compeleted by a sub-committee of the Trustees.  Tebarco, our current HVAC vendor was awarded the bid providing excellent pricing, terms and the best solution.  Lead time is 47 weeks.

General Ministry Progress Update

  • The Capital Reserve Study preliminary report has been provided for review and changes.  The revision process remains underway with the goal to find a "strategic funding solution" for funding the reserves for capital projects that arise.

Caring Ministry

  • Chip Hall continues to lead our USO ministry so faithfully.  We have had teams go to the airport to encourage our troops regularly.  In fact, we just had a team there today after making sandwiches for the canteen area yesterday.

  • Sandra Shaner leads our prison ministry well.  We have a team go to the Atlanta Transitional Center the second and fourth Wednesday afternoons of each month.  We have a Sunday night worship service every other month – our next one will be Nov. 27.  Then we will have a special Christmas service on Sunday, Dec. 18 at 5:00 where every inmate will receive a Christmas bag of personal items/snacks/encouragement, a message and some treats.

  • Stephen Ministry is gearing up for a training season beginning in January.  This training is a lifestyle, not just a program.  All are welcome to receive skills for ministry.

  • GriefShare continues to offer healing for those who have lost loved ones.  Bill Creech and Susan Nuttall have lead this current group well.  We will conclude this season on Sunday, Nov. 20.  We’ll begin another group in mid-January on Sunday afternoons 4:00 – 6:00.  This is an excellent way to offer hope to those around you by inviting them to this ministry.

  • Peace After Divorce did not have any participants this Fall.  We are working on getting this information out to our community, counseling centers, etc. so that this wonderful opportunity of healing can be known to those that need it.  We will begin another group mid-January on Wednesday evenings.

  • Cradled in Prayer was a new prayer offering this Fall.  Oswin Roberts wrote the material being used.  It has been a wonderful class of looking at how people in scripture offered prayer and how God worked with those prayers.  And how He still does this today with our prayers.

  • Caring Ministry took GriefShare to Champions Place over the summer as they had experienced loss of one of their own.  We continue to work with these residents by offering them some time of training in listening skills, recognizing and dealing with feelings, boundaries and processing.

  • We will be offering Hope for the Hurting on Nov. 27 at 4:30 in room S305.  This will be an offering for those that face challenges, loss, grief during the Christmas season to come pour their hearts out so that God can offer them hope.  This is a wonderful invitation of love for those you may know that are hurting.


Children’s Ministry

  • Children’s Ministry has two new staff members since the last council meeting. Beverly Johnson is now Volunteer Coordinator and Jennifer Harriman is nursery coordinator.

  • Glow in the Dark September 28 was a huge success with 182 kids attending, an overwhelming number of those were from Mount Pisgah Christian School. 15 made first time decisions and we are following up with the kids and their families to continue their Christian journey.

  • The children’s choir sang in the Together service and are already practicing their Christmas songs. 23 third grade Bibles were presented Together Sunday, followed by a fantastic fall festival. Many, many families enjoyed the family time and the strong community feel of the event.

  • We just came back from the 3rd-5th grade EPIC retreat with 57 kids and 14 volunteers. Six of the campers were from Pisgah in Spanish and 18 from Mount Pisgah Christian School. Seven kids chose to follow Jesus for the first time, and many more committed to making prayer, worship, and reading their bible part of their daily lives.


  • Amy Van Haveren is serving as the interim Director of DiscipleLife.

  • New Connect Classes will be conducted to help all new members get acclimated and start building relationships at Mount Pisgah.

Finance Committee

New Ministry Updates

  • The Finance Committee is meeting Monday, October 17, 2022 to review first quarter results for period ending September 30, 2022. 

General Ministry Progress Update

  • We are 20 months into our two-year RISE journey and celebrate the faithful generosity of our congregation. Gifts received to date total $9.2 million or 77% of our $12 million projection.  Every dollar given helps us advance our mission to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • We are currently beta testing many new features for our Church management software system, TouchPoint.  We look forward to rolling out these enhancements over the next 6 months.


  • Coordinated and enhanced three big Sundays – Pastor Mike Broome and family first Sunday, Praying over Teacher’s back to school, Praying over First Responders (bagels for badges) – with extra breakfast food, photo booth and thank you gifts – to engage with our church community in more fellowship before and after worship.

  • Assisted in coordinating Mount Pisgah in Spanish Lunch de Traje and the TOGETHER events.

  • Invites to our community for special worship services - Put together 100 small invite giftbags to invite teachers from our community and Mount Pisgah School to the back-to-school August worship.  Dropped Bundt cakes and sent invites to police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical professionals for our September 11th worship.

  • Updated seating and tables around the perimeter of the church.  Purchased all-weather, round picnic tables, benches and umbrellas for additional meeting and congregating space outside.  Benches are located at The Underground, front and back church entrances.

  • Continue to engage with mission partners in the community for our monthly Outreach of the Month.  In July, collected more than 70 filled, new backpacks for elementary, middle and high school students in Pastor Jorge’s congregation.  August Outreach fulfilled gift cards for The Drake House, September Outreach collected Fleece for Fosters and October is currently collecting winter coats for NFCC.

  • Redecorated both Cry Rooms to be fully functioning Cry Rooms for Sunday mornings and special events.  These rooms can also be used for small meeting groups, bible studies and discipleship groups on alternate days.

Marketing/Communications Update

  • Mount Pisgah had a booth at the Johns Creek Chamber Community Expo in August promoting Wednesday night programming, all small groups & the Pray over Teachers’ worship service.

  • Digital Ads for the last 90 days, from July 21- October 18th, show a reach of 54,771 people, 15,990 post engagements & 1,401 link clicks to our website.

  • YouTube subscribers have doubled from this time last year.

  • Advertising proposal just received from 104.7 the Fish for Holiday Ads ad passing onto the team for approval.

  • Worked with Sara Cavanaugh & Peter Desio to add the NEW  My Mount Pisgah webpage. This page includes a tutorial video library for navigating Touchpoint giving & sign-ups. 

Membership & Baptisms

  • Year to Date we've welcomed 68 new members to the Mount Pisgah family and have baptized 27 people into the Kingdom.


Men’s Ministry

  • A group of Mount Pisgah men and friends continue meeting every Thursday morning at Uptown Café for fellowship. This group of being 30 and 50 men share food, fellowship, and a message. All men are welcome to join. In late November/December, we will have a Men’s Ministry event from 1:00 to 4:00 PM on a Sunday, with food and fellowship, a message, and a World Cup Soccer game on the big screen. All ages of men are invited to come and be TOGETHER.

  • Bridging the Gap Men’s Fellowship Group: Our racial unity ministry will come together on November 12th in downtown Atlanta (Robert Woodruff Park) to serve food to the homeless and those in need. Stay tuned for more details and if you have questions, please contact Michael Jordan.

Mission/Community Outreach

  • TOGETHER Events – Our next TOGETHER Worship and Service event will be April 23rd in Newtown Park. The October 2 TOGETHER event was a true multi-cultural and multi-generational time of worship, fellowship and fun. Thank you to all who had a hand in planning and serving at the event.  

  • Sunday Supper – We continue to serve between 125-130 meals and 40 families every month, on the 1st Sunday.  More and more we see some of the same faces and families. All are prayed over and some in the community have begun to seve beside us. On October 9th, during one of the prayers an individual gave their life to Christ. As the relationships grow, we are being asked where our church is located. Praise God for those serving and those being served!

  • Ukraine Support – We continue to receive funds for Ukraine Support and have disbursed $117,900 dollars directly to support Ukrainian refugees inside of Ukraine, who are receiving this support through UMC Pastors in Ukraine, Romania, and Hungary. We will continue to disburse every penny given we for this support.


Mount Pisgah in Spanish

New Ministry Initiatives​

  • ​The ministry of evangelism will be led by the: Franklin Montes

  • The Youth Pizza with Jesus group has been divided into three groups: Prejuvenile (from 6 to 11 years old); Juvenile (from 12 to 18 years old); Young adults from 18 to 30 years old).  The three groups will meet every Wednesday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

  • We are opening a new “Home of Light” at Angelo and Shirley's house.  We expect an attendance of 6 people

Recent church events that we complete with attendance numbers:

  • ​We have 15 young ladies in a new young women’s group (ages 12 to 21 years)

  • We continue to bring the word of God to the "Homes of Light" we have a Home with the assistance of 11 people per meeting.  In the house of Antonio Varela

  • The Bank of Love, approved 8 credits of $300 dollars each.  5 classes were held, where we structure how to develop the projects. The classes include two 2 discipleship classes

  • We are happy to be able to share with all of our Mount Pisgah Church the traje (unity) lunches that take place on the last Sunday of each month

  • The prayer services on Fridays have an attendance of more than 50 people in person and is broadcast on Facebook (25 people online)

  • We accompany and support in prayer each family that collects food in the Roswell Methodist Church program.  (about 150 families the first Monday of each month)

  • The coffee with Jesus program, which takes place every two weeks, has an attendance of 9 young adults and is led by Melvin Garfias

  • On Wednesdays we have Pizza with Jesus for young people with an attendance of more than 40 young people and 10 children

  • The women met with an attendance of more than 25 women

  • Men's ministry is meeting every month with an attendance of 23 men

  • Fridays of Glory (event on the last Friday of each month) has an attendance of 65 people

  • We continue the singing classes for the worship group with an attendance of 5 people

  • Average attendance at Sunday services in person is 170 people and online is 110 people

  • We continue to perform our services on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm in person and online.  With a face-to-face attendance of 30 and more than 20 people online.

  • We continue to support the Fresh Expressions program where a dinner is shared at the Villa de Marisol complex (formerly Holcomb Bridge).  The program is Sunday Supper

  • We are accompanying in advice and counseling 5 marriages and 4 personal cases

  • Classes on Sundays for children from 9 to 13 years old from 11:15 to 12:00.  Attendance is 13 children per Sunday

  • We have the prayer by Zoom at 10:00 pm, Monday to Thursday of each week.  With an attendance of 18 people per day

  • We carry out the breakfast of leaders and volunteers each month, with an attendance of 26 people.

  • We continue with the campaign One invites One.  It is praying for a relative or friend and modeling the testimony of what Christ is doing in each one of us and inviting him to the Church so that he learns to have a relationship with God.

  • We have every Tuesday at 7:30 pm by Zoom level 1 of discipleship, with an attendance of 15 people and the third level we do every Monday (by Zoom) at 7:30 pm with an attendance of 10 people

Updates on the progress of the general ministry going forward:

  • ​We continue with our mission and vision of making disciples here, there and everywhere, passionate and in love with Jesus Christ. Being a Church of life where Jesus heals, restores people, families and we expand the Kingdom of God

  • We continue to motivate, encourage and train people to follow the model of Jesus (Discipleship). For people to connect with God through prayer, fasting and have a new lifestyle that reflects the life of Christ.

  • We continue to focus on giving spiritual nourishment to the members of Mount Pisgah in Spanish, so that they can mature and develop a good and solid relationship with God.

  • We continue to provide counseling and spiritual guidance to couples, adults, couples, and the youngest members of our Church.


New Ministry Initiatives

  • Christmas Angels (Invite people to choir to sing Christmas only)

  • Choir Chili Cook-Off with ‘Golden Ladle’ award, October 19th

  • Adult choir sings at the Festival of Trees, GWCC, Nov. 20th

  • Organ Sunday - Nov. 27th

  • Mt Pisgah Tree Lighting – December 2

  • Children sing at Johns Creek Tree Lighting/Parade – Dec. 3

  • Christmas @ Pisgah – Churchwide Christmas program featuring musicians from 9:30, 11:00, MPIS, AIPF, and MPCS (December 11th, 4:00)

  • Choir NYC Trip to sing at Carnegie Hall (June ’23)

Recently Completed Events

  • Sunday, July 3rd - Choir/Orchestra Celebration of July 4th

  • New slate of Choir Officers assumed duties in July

  • Month of July -Solos/Ensembles

  • Holbrook Campground - July 13th, 11am

  • Choir/Orchestra Practice Kickoff –(Fa-la-la Fiesta) August 3rd

  • Choir/Orchestra Starts Back - August 10th

  • Organ Sunday - Sept. 4th

  • “Together” Service – October 2


Parent Ministry

  • Handed out 25 Back-to-school welcome packets to kindergarten and new families in Children’s Ministry

  • Hosted 28 parents of 6th and 9th grade students for informational meetings to help in the transition to a new grade and encourage participation in  Student Life programs and small groups

  • Hosting an “Intentional Parenting” Bible study for the first 2 months of Student Life small groups to equip and encourage parents to assess and adjust their parenting into and during a new stages of adolescence

  • Completed an 8 week Bible Study entitled “30 Days to Taming Your Tongue” during Wednesday night programs with 20+ parents participating

  • Launching a new Bible Study for parents this Wednesday night, “The Most Important Place on Earth:  What a Christian Home Looks Like and How to Build One”

  • Added 5 new women to the weekly Mom’s Fellowship Group this fall

  • Working with Children’s Ministry for follow-up with parents, whose kids accepted Christ for the first time during the recent GLOW event, with “Next Steps”

  • The support group for moms of children with mental health challenges continues to meet weekly and is taking first retreat this month

  • Sent prayer text updates to 100+ parents of Student Life and Children’s Ministry fall retreats

  • Continue to collaborate with the Discipleship Council to develop a list of resources by age group to equip and encourage families to disciple their younger family members (grandchildren, kids, nieces, nephews, etc.)


Pisgah Fosters

  • Fill-the-Freezer efforts from the congregation over the summer/fall have enabled us to be able to donate 35 of these to Wellroot Family Services and prepare more for the Parents Day Our families in November

  • 20 blankets for Foster children were made by the entire Mount Pisgah congregation on Together Sunday

  • Continue to provide ongoing care and support to two foster families who currently have placements of 3 teenage boys and hosted a family dinner for one care team

  • Hosting our fourth Pisgah Foster’s Parents Day Out on Sat. 11/12 and currently recruiting Volunteers and foster children and their siblings for 3 hours of child care, fun and love; families will be gifted frozen meals and blankets for all participating kids

  • Currently looking for more members to be trained and participate in the Advocate Team and care teams

  • The ministry was featured during worship on 10/16 in the giving message (9:30) and during the sermon (11), accompanied by a video from one of our student volunteers which resulted in an immediate and positive response to volunteer from the congregation

Student Life Updates: Student Life is vibrant and growing this year.  We are seeing the Lord work in our students and through our students, as evidenced by the update below!

 Regular Programs:

  • Small Groups – 14 small groups meeting each week on Sunday afternoons with an average of 100 attendees each week (includes adult leaders)

  • The House (Wednesday nights) – Averaging 110 students each week, with 2-5 new visitors weekly


  • Velocity (Middle School) – We took 79 middle schooler students with their senior interns and 10 adult leaders to Camp Strong Rock in Cleveland, Georgia in September.  10 of those students were 1st time retreat-ers and, because of the generosity of the Family Life Initiative Fund, we were able to bring them at no charge to their families. 

  • Lighthouse (High School) – The high school retreat is coming up on Oct 28 and currently we have 66 students and leaders signed up to attend.  We’ll head up to Camp Lighthouse for a weekend of spiritual renewal and fun.  We have offered to bring any new-to-student-life visitors free of charge because we know that retreats offer deep connections with our leadership team and other students, and students who attend retreats, tend to attend other opportunities in Student Life more consistently.

Mission Trips:

  • High School – This year we are going to Guatemala with Praying Pelican Missions.  Our team of 52 (46 students, 6 leaders) will be serving in the local community through VBS/children’s ministries, light construction, and outreach.  Dates are May 27 – June 2, 2023.  (This trip filled up 4 days after registration opened.)

  • Middle School – We are heading to Jackson, MS this year.  Registration has not closed yet, but we have 31 team members currently, 25 students and 6 adults.  We have room for 15 more students and are confident that more will sign up!

Women’s Ministry

  • The Drake House Afterschool Program will be hosted by Mount Pisgah on October 25, 2022.

  • The 36th Annual Mistletoe Brunch will be held December 2nd. Christen Clark will be the speaker.

  • Theme: Christmas Unwrapped.

  • The 2nd Annual Chocolate Fondue Night will be February 9, 2023.

  • Mount Pisgah is hosting the Sisters in Christ conference will be held February 28, 2023.

  • Wednesday Lunch Bunch at Marlow’s is going strong. Lunch and fellowship are enjoyed by approximately a dozen women.