Ministry updates:
  • Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope.  In July Mt. Pisgah Habitat volunteers began building our 27th Habitat for Humanity house for a deserving low-income family.  This build is part of the North Fulton Ecumenical Build*.  In addition to our House Sponsorship pledge, we will be providing Mt. Pisgah volunteers to help build this house.  The house is being constructed at Evans Trail in Woodstock, approximately 25 minutes from Mt. Pisgah.  Other churches participating in this Ecumenical Build are St. Brigid, St. James UMC, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Northbrook UMC. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans will also be a sponsor.  The First Nail Ceremony and first volunteer build day were held on July 20th with the Dedication Ceremony tentatively planned for November 9th when the family will be presented the keys to their home and a Bible.

  • Our homeowner partner is Shayla Croft, a paraplegic as a result of a car wreck when she was 20.   Shayla desires to live independently.  An affordable handicapped accessible house would be an amazing blessing.  She has put her trust in God, believing He will provide a way for her. Owning her own home is the next step on her road to continued recovery and growth.

  • Nearly 80 Mt. Pisgah Habitat volunteers have signed up to work side by side with Shala to build her new house.  If you or someone you know wants to volunteer they can contact Buddy Lollis at


  • In February Mt. Pisgah completed our 26th Habitat for Humanity house for a deserving low-income family as part of the North Fulton Ecumenical Build*.  In addition to our House Sponsorship donation of $20,000 our 50 Mt. Pisgah volunteers contributed over 250 hours to help the Davenport/Kendrick family build their house.


  • Jim Wilson and Michael Lehmann, longtime Mt. Pisgah Habitat volunteers, recently joined Cindi Smith and Buddy Lollis on the Mt. Pisgah Habitat ministry team.  Jim and Michael will help with volunteer recruitment and coordination efforts.  This will include help with the following: 1. recruitment of volunteers to work on scheduled Saturday to build days, 2. staffing the volunteer sign-up table for 2 to 3 Sundays prior to the build, 3. assisting with weekly follow-up calls and emails once the build begins.


Habitat for Humanity Ministry
  • Reconnected with Sunrise Senior Living (new management) and re-established a bible study on Tuesday afternoons

  • Began Extreme Grandparenting weekly bible study (part of Caring in case Valorie forgets to add)

  • Upcoming Lunch & Learn in October regarding mental health/depression in aging

  • Upcoming Day Trip to Blue Ridge (Scenic Railway) on 10/19

  • Symposium on 11/7 in Nashville regarding love/support for individuals and their families with end of life issues

  • Cornerstone Christmas Dinner & Celebration with special guest  12/13

  • Overall attendance from Cornerstone planned events has declined, trips canceledAugust, etc.  so a new survey is being created “Taking the Pulse of Cornerstone” and will be emailed through TouchPoint to the 562 that is in the Cornerstone database. The initial survey was conducted in August 2018.


  • 5 Cornerstone ladies met to make agape for VBS leaders on 6/13

  • Technology Drop-in on 6/19 & 7/17.  Many middle/high school students were available in the Café for 1 hour to provide technical assistance to our adult seniors with cellphone usage, tablet/iPad usage, etc.  Approx. 5 from Cornerstone attended

  • Lunch & Learn 6/18 “Heart Health” with ATL Heart Specialists…..18 in attendance

  • Glad Memories Dementia Support Group continues to meet monthly.  We have grown from 4 when we first began in November 2018 to 10 currently; 3 are from the community and not Mount Pisgah members/attendees.

  • Bible study continues twice a month at Atria Senior Living


Cornerstone Senior Ministry
  • Large planters, window boxes, and benches were set up at the front, above the bridge and under the bridge entrances to the church.  These new additions add another level of “welcome” to the outside of our church home.

  • All Things Mount Pisgah kicked off in July. This monthly call out during our Sunday worship services will happen on the last Sunday of each month. This is an opportunity for anyone to visit the Welcome Desk and learn more about “anything” Mount Pisgah – Sunday School classes, membership, bible studies, covenant groups, mission trips, youth activities, etc.

  • Hospitality Team has new “We’re Glad You’re Here” T-shirts.

  • We kicked off the new school year with a Hospitality Volunteer Kickoff for volunteers.  The Sunday get together included lunch, fellowship, handing out the new T-shirts and an impactful message from Jason Zemke about the WHY of the Hospitality ministry - WHY we do what we do, faithfully each Sunday. 

  • A Hospitality Ministry newsletter is being developed and will be emailed to all Hospitality volunteers on a quarterly basis.  It will be a place to share Hospitality Ministry info, stories and/or ways to equip to serve; highlight new volunteers and volunteer milestones, and send important dates/reminders.


Hospitality Ministry


  • We had 11 new members join the church in July/August (same time period 2018 was 15)

  • We had 2 new baptisms over July/August (same time period 2018 was 3)

  • We are experimenting with our new member class to be one Sunday from 9-11:30 instead of three consecutive Sundays.  This appears to be more attractive to those attending the new member class as one Sunday is easier to schedule than three.  We use this same format for our new member class during the confirmation season and it works well.

  • Jason Zemke is working with Sarah Cavanaugh to create more detailed reports on regular attendees and those who have participated in major events (e.g. Egg Hunt, VBS).  The goal is to communicate better with those who have visited the church or requested more information (in addition to our existing follow-up process) to find meaningful ways to further engage and build retention of our guests and regular attendees. 



  • The Outreach Council team has met and has evaluated our partnerships for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.  At this time we will continue to support Homestretch, The Drake House/Village and Every Woman Works. We continue to support both Homestretch and The Drake House/Village with mentors (family and budget) for the next fiscal year.

  • The July outreach of the month collected school supplies for both North Fulton Community Charities for their backpack drive and for our own Mount Pisgah in Spanish to help Pastor Jorge support families in need.

  • The August outreach of the month collected books for Christian Library International. 


Connect & Outreach Ministries
  • Forming a Community Advisory Board made up of both members of MP and key leaders in health/medicine, education, government, and law enforcement in our community. This Board will serve as a bridge between church and community on key issues and opportunities to foster deeper relationships and engagement.  Additionally, the Board will work toward an annual event that will include a panel of experts representative of these areas inviting the community to MP and further fostering goodwill and position of MP within the community as a church that is FOR North Fulton.


  • Spoke at Women’s Ministry Lunch and shared about FX (Katie should have attendance)

  • New FX Book study-2 people participating


  • Continuing to cast the net and meet with church members to determine interest in FX in order to identify pioneers and build teams, educating and consulting with staff and leadership about FX, working to schedule some community engagement events and FX training events.


Community Engagement Ministry
  • We have made adjustments to Wed night programming: we have moved kids choir to 5:30 pm instead of 7:30 pm. This earlier time frame will be more family-friendly and will encourage families to come at 5:00 for dinner, then choir and we’ll lead the kids directly into Collide programming. We think it’s a positive change evidenced by our attendance of 30 children this past Wed in the choir  (last year numbers in children’s choir had dropped to 10.) Our Collide program ( approx 80 kids each week)continues to attract church and non-church families each Wed.

  • We have made the decision to move VBS back to the morning ( keeping the Sunday evening kickoff) and are extending the program to 4 hours instead of 3 to position it as a great option for families looking for summer opportunities for their children.

  • Our Children’s Ministry Team will speak in the Mount Pisgah Christian School’s lower school chapels at least 6 times in the coming year. We pray this builds trust and familiarity with the students, faculty, and administration, and gives us opportunities to invite children and families to the church. 

  • Prayer for SCREAM 

  • Praying for SCREAM retreat and the 135 kids and leaders who will participate Oct 18-20th


  • Praise God that 52 children gave their lives to Christ for the first time at VBS this year.

  • Praise that our new program Splash Sunday ( this past June) brought new life and fun to Sundays in June. We utilized gifted speakers from our youth ministry intern program as speakers. This coordinated partnership with our youth staff was a big win. Splash Sundays also provided a serving opportunity for new volunteers.


Children's Ministry
  • 88 people joined Wayne Clark as he taught the Face of God in summer 2019.  Wayne has been a faithful and informative bible teacher at Mount Pisgah for many years.

  • Over 800 people started or returned to DiscipleLife groups this fall.  That includes Sunday school, bible studies, life groups, and covenant groups.  Wow!  It is amazing to see so many committed to going deeper with Christ.  

  • 76 people attended the Empowered Conference where Steve Macchia from Transformational Leadership Inc. taught about feeding our souls and crafting a rule of life with God that honors the time he gives us.  The feedback from this conference has been very positive.  

  • The 4:19 Podcast has become quite a hit as listeners tune in each week to get inspired and equipped to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  To subscribe,  go to your podcast app and search 4:19 Disciple Makers or email JBorger@mountpisgah.orgto sign up for the weekly emails.


DiscipleLife Ministry
  • 68 women attended the WM Luncheon on Aug 18th. Our new female pastor, Rev. Heather Jallad was the guest speaker.  She introduced the women to Fresh Expressions and invited them to take the Church into the community.  

  • Hallelujah Stretch started up this August and was a great hit!  The women praise God and stretch each Wednesday evening during family programming.  Men are welcome too. 

  • Breathe Silent Retreat was on Sept. 14th.  This quarterly morning apart with God is a way for women (and men) to renew their souls. 

  • Save the Date:  Mistletoe Brunch 2019 is Saturday, December 7th.  This annual event is the longest-running ministry at Mount Pisgah at 34 years.  The women fellowship and prepare their hearts for the Christmas season.


Women's Ministry
  • We begin the first level of Discipleship-Receiving His Life ministries, with more than 20 people. Hernando Montana will be the teacher and will be held on Sundays from 9:00 am to 10:30 am

  • We continue to open homes of light, where the Bible is studied

  • We start on Monday morning the first level of discipleship with an attendance of 5 people. Jorge Henao is the teacher

  • We continue sending food and clothing boxes to 4 cities in Venezuela. 2 medium boxes per month.

  • Mr. Roger Watson is supporting youth ministry and other Hispanic ministry activities. We are very happy and grateful for support.

  • We continue with the excellence leadership course. Every first Saturday of the month. Program with Pastor Juan Quintanilla. 5 people attend our Church.

  • We started with the theater group of Mount Pisgah. Our goal is to make short plays that present the message of hope and healing from our beloved God. We are involving young people and adults to participate and be active in the Church.

  • We are meeting with Mr. Michael Jordan, Roger Watson, Edgar Lobo and Jorge Henao in order to continue the ESL program

  • We are planning a youth retreat for October (11-12) 2019

  • We have 8 Bible study groups in different homes (homes of light). Assistance of more than 50 people every 15 days

  • We perform the family party in the park. More than 60 people sharing as a family

  • We made an evangelism day where 6 people led by Mr. Maurilio Gomez went out to distribute treaties and Bibles in several stores where the Hispanic community meets.

  • We finish the Bible study (Bible Overview) on Sundays from 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. where we teach about the Old and New Testaments. 25 person assistance

  • We carry out the “effective parents” training. It was dictated by the young leaders: Ernesto and Darelys. 15 people attended

  • The women ministry gathered to learn recipes for cooking and embroidery. The purpose is to study the Bible through women's manual activities.

  • Each Hispanic Ministry work team is meeting with their team, in order to correct problems and listen to new initiatives.

  • The service of the Latin brotherhood was carried out, with the participation of more than 180 people

  • We deliver more than 7350 lunch and with the support of our church: Mount Pisgah, through Pastor Jason Zemke --- we distribute more than 1100 lunch. The total number of lunches given this year was 8450, fulfilling the proposed goal (6500 lunch) ministry. On May 28 we begin the program with the MUST ministry of delivering lunch to the children of the apartment complex called Oak. We finished on August 2nd. With the MUST

  • We have the service on Wednesdays, where we give the opportunity to preach to adult and young leaders. 40 people attend meeting every Friday with an attendance of 9 people per week.prayerWe have around 45 people come. Every two months they are led by the Youth team.usuallyWe continue having Friday of glory, on the last Friday of each month, where we pray, we worship God and we give words, money directly.andWe are sending boxes with food and clothes to a home that feeds 37 children and three Churches that are in different cities of Venezuela. In addition, there are 3 members of our church who are sponsoring families living in Venezuela by sending them food, clothing to pray from Monday to FridayamWe have a group of 5 people who meet by phone at 5:00


  • Our Mission - Vision is to make disciples passionate and in love with Jesus Christ. Constantly giving spiritual nourishment

  • We will continue to motivate, encourage and empower people to follow the model of Jesus. For people to connect with God through prayer and have a new lifestyle reflecting the life of Christ

  • Saturdays in the different houses (Light Homes)andWe will continue to have our Bible studies on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays so that they can mature and develop a good and solid relationship with God. Spanish, We will continue to focus on giving spiritual food to the members of Mount Pisgah UMC in

  • We continue to make disciples here, there and everywhere

  • We continue to provide counseling and spiritual guidance to couples, adults, marriages and the youngest members of our church.


Hispanic Ministry
  • Action Items

  • Redefine Missions 

    • 3 days or more away from home, serving others, intentional spiritual formation

    • Trip location can be local, regional, or global

    • Create tie-ins with local Outreach activities (part of team building) 

    • Coordinate through Global Missions – integrated across other ministries

  • Create On-Ramp with Trips at Different Levels of Length, Intensity, and Commitment

    • Cost (C1, C2 C3) Travel Difficulty (T1, T2, T3) and Spiritual Intensity (S1, S2, S3)

    • Connect with Grow Path for deeper engagement with discipling components 

    • Each trip above certain size has spiritual team leader (from MP pastors/staff)

  • Focus and Priority 

    • 4-5 Sundays with no post-church activities for team meetings

    • Fewer trips and begin recruiting earlier

    • Global Celebration event – invite entire church and extended family participants

    • Dedicate entire Sunday service (August) to recognize and celebrate participation   

  • Recruit, Attract, and Assist trip leaders – Address Recruiting Problem

    • Well organized leader handbook 

    • Staff assistance to set up and track team activity/giving through TouchPoint

    • Offer financial assistance to trip leaders depending on the size of team members 

    • Change PTO/Allotted Time Policy for staff for MP sponsor international trips

  •  Increase Missions Engagement – Address Adult Engagement Issue

    • Track Student and Adult participation as 2 separate metrics

    • By 2022, Grow Student Involvement from 155 to 200 

    • By 2022, Grow Adult Involvement from 85 to 200


Missions Ministry

On Oct 3, the Mount Pisgah staff will have a spiritual day apart for teaching, silence and solitude at Camp Light House in Talking Rock, GA. Susan Currie from Transformational Leadership Inc. will be the spiritual guide as they are reminded of Sabbath rest.  Please pray for renewal in the staff as they get away with God. 


Staff Development