NEW - "1825" Ministry

We launched a ministry with college-aged young adults at the beginning of the summer called 1825. The name stands for 18-25 years olds. The group meets every Wednesday night at 8 pm (outside the underground and distanced for now) to pray, study scripture, and build community. Alan White is overseeing the leaders for this ministry, but it is almost entirely being run by the young adults themselves.


Mount Pisgah in Spanish
  • We delivered lunch to children (200 bags per week) in (June and July)

  • We delivered bags of food to the community on Fridays in June. We will be supervising if it is necessary to do it in July

  • We bought 100 more boxes of food from the Ministry of Action to deliver to the community. Each box is priced at $ 5 dollars and contains food worth $ 25 each.

  • The church will reopen on Sunday, June 28. On July 1 with the Wednesday service and on July 10 with the prayer service

  • The Hotel Merriot at exit 11 of the 400 donated more than 100 boxes with vegetables and 10 boxes with canned food thanks to Mr. Colen Reid who got us the opportunity of these foods

  • We continue to inform families in our community, about the opportunities they have, to find food in the Roswell Methodist Church, NFCC, etc. 

  • We are transmitting the service on Sundays on Facebook Live, Instagram, youtube, etc. With an average attendance of 400 people per service. The Church is growing and we are reaching different countries of the world

  • The last two weeks before opening the Church, we invited our members to fast on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Mount Pisgah Church donated $ 2,500 in Kroger gift cards of $ 25 each and an additional $ 500 to purchase 100 boxes of food from Action Ministry

  • The Mount Pisgah Church with the Leadership of Michael Jordan provided us with more than 500 bags of food that were distributed every Friday to the families of our community

  • Mrs. Norma and Mike Gailey's family donated 85 packages of Ground beef (1 pound) and 15 packages of Liver, which was delivered to the community

  • We provided information for families to enroll in the North Fulton Charities (NFCC) to get help with food and money for rent and services.

  • We continue to carry out our prayer services on Wednesdays and Fridays through Facebook and we have an attendance of more than 150 reproductions per service.

  • The Homes of Light, continue to gather by Zoom. 6 groups that meet biweekly and weekly. The average attendance of each group is 5 people

  • The women's group meets virtually every eight days (Tuesday 7:00 pm) on Zoom. With the attendance of 13 women per meeting.

  • The men's group meets virtually every eight days (Tuesday 7:00 pm) on Zoom. With an attendance of 10 people per meeting.

  • We continue the prayer program 4 times a day. (5:00 am - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm). It is called: "the call of Jesus" and each one of us, when the alarm sounds, stop for a few minutes and makes a short prayer remembering that God has accompanied us up to that moment and that God will continue accompanying us. We pray for the whole Church and for God to end this Virus and violence. We have more than 50 people who receive the call of Jesus

  • Young people's ministry continues to meet on Instagram on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm. Attendance of 20 young people per meeting

  • We continue with the connection ministry led by Maurilio Gómez. We are calling the members of our church where we give them a Bible verse, pray, and attend to their needs.

  • Team (Ministry) leaders are periodically calling their volunteers to pray and be in unity and connection

  • We have 2 Discipleship groups, where we are at levels one and two. The average attendance of 4 people per group. We use Zoom. 

  • In this new time, we continue with our mission and vision of making disciples here, there and everywhere, passionate and in love with Jesus Christ. Being a Church of life where Jesus heals, restores lives and we expand the Kingdom of God

  • We will continue to motivate, encourage, and train people to follow the model of Jesus (Discipleship). For people to connect with God through prayer and have a new lifestyle that reflects the life of Christ

  • We will continue to focus on giving spiritual food to the members of Mount Pisgah UMC in Spanish so that they can mature and develop a good and solid relationship with God.

  • We continue to make disciples here, there, and everywhere.

  • We continue to provide counseling and spiritual guidance to couples, adults, couples, and the younger members of our Church.

  • We will not stop meeting and supporting the members of our Church, which is our great family.

Thanks to Mount Pisgah for supporting us, with all the food and donations, but first of all, thanks for your love and support of our community


Children's Ministry

Children’s Ministry has been navigating this time away from the church building in a number of intentional ways. Our goal has been to stay connected to kids and families.


  • We have created an easy to use at-home church resource that includes an intro by one of our CM staff or lay, leaders, worship songs, fun, and engaging Biblical video message, a Scripture memory verse and a Life application “bottom line” or takeaway for the week. It is emailed to all CM families and is posted on our website as well as available on the live stream on Sunday mornings.

  • We are meeting weekly with K-5 kids on Zoom for Collide Live each Wednesday evening. It’s a fun and interactive time that includes a short Biblical message, games, crafts, and worship.  This is a way for us to engage with kids directly and for kids to engage with one another. each kid directly, to engage with them and one another. This will continue through June.

  • We are planning an in-person all outdoors VBS for 3 days at the end of July (27, 29, 31) 9 am-11:30 am Participants in Mega Sports VBS will register for one of three concentrations: Soccer, basketball, cheerleading. We will adhere to the safety guidelines established by the Governor for day camps.

  • Additionally, our staff and lay leaders have been making intentional touchpoints with kids and families through Zoom, email, text, phone calls, and personal letters.


Student Ministry
  • In light of the uncertainty of the Fall semester, Student Life has switched its retreats around by rescheduling our large retreat for Spring 2021 and moving the two smaller retreats to this Fall.  Velocity (Middle School retreat) has been scheduled for August 28-30 and Lighthouse (High School retreat) is scheduled for Sept 11-13.  Additionally, this August we will invite the 6th graders to begin their small groups on Sunday nights.  In the past, they have waited until January to begin these groups.

  • Wednesday night activities have resumed in person.  The first week we had 40 attend and the 2nd week we had 60.  Using our very large parking lot to keep our kids safe and socially distanced has been a creative and successful way to re-engage with our small part of the bigger congregation.

  • General Ministry Updates:  Middle School Mission Camp has been canceled – this event usually supports VBS through providing volunteers, but with the necessary changes to that model this year, it simply does not make sense to hold this event.  Student Life will continue to support VBS by recruiting volunteers and being on campus during VBS as needed.  We are excited to add two new Senior Intern/Leader positions within the Student Ministry.  One is a Tech Intern, whose role will be to offer guidance and support to the other students in the Technical Ministry and the other is an Art Ministry Intern who will engage with younger students looking for an outlet for their creativity and talent. 


Community Engagement
  • Coordinated Food Collection and distribution in partnership with Cornerstone Outreach

  • Coordinated Food Collection and distribution in partnership with MPIS under Michael Jordan’s leadership

  • Through Acts of Kindness provided lunch two times for NFCC staff working overtime in response to COVID

  • Coordinated support for Young Adult Fosters aging out of the system for grocery cards

  • Distributed financial relief as follows;

  • Drake, Homestretch, and NFCC in the amount of $15,000, an additional $15,000 of which will be distributed by the end of the week.

  • NFCC has seen assistance rise by 300% and averages around $50,000 in support of our neighbors weekly in the form of rent assistance, food, medications, and utility assistance.

  • Housing Courts have re-opened and “grace period” on rent ends July 15. Therefore there is anticipated uptick in rent support.

  • We have a new resident in the MP sponsored apartment at Drake Village, mom, Alyssa, and 6-year-old son Prince. Bob Genty and Jessica Freese will serve as coaches. A welcome basket of MP goodies was delivered last week.

  • Help Wanted-Need new bread/bakery pick-up and delivery person for Old Alabama Kroger to NFCC

  • Organized Sunday Prayer Rally for Racial Injustice

  • Habitat Build is on hold due to COVID-projected build dates were late Fall-TBD

  • Hosting online book conversation and response to racism in July

  • Newly elected to NFCC Board and Advocacy Team

  • New Community Engagement web page - A one stop shop for all things Community engagement related such as First Serve (first week of the month service opportunities) Quarterly All Serve (church-wide all hands on deck service events that take place on Sunday mornings), and  Monthly partner focus. Additionally, this is the landing page for our local partners with links to their websites and additional opportunities.

  • A link to the Common Ground Network page which gives an explanation, schedule of coaching, training, and events as well as list of sites and communities in process of forming a Fresh Expression as well as the podcast


The Common Ground Network (fresh Expressions)
  • Launched Podcast-dropping every other Thursday.

  • Held online book study of “Filed Guide for Methodist Fresh Expressions”

  • Forming team for “Sunday Supper” at NFCC that will launch with a drive-thru and online connection point in September; Training begins online July 12.

  • July community engagement will be Back-to-School event support for NFCC with Bookbag collection

  • Partnering with MPIS to support their summer lunch program feeding 150 apartment neighborhood children two times per week.


DiscipleLife Ministry

Groups have continued on Zoom and similar platforms during COVID quarantine so members can fellowship, study God’s word and pray together weekly. We are thankful for technology that allowed so many to be together.

  • Coming Up:

    • Budgeting Workshop

      • Saturday, July 18 | 9:00 AM-Noon | Cost: $15 | Room 139 | Limited Space

      • Our world has certainly changed drastically in the last couple of months and for many of us, that includes our personal finances, our employment and salaries, and expenses and budgets. While this time is unprecedented and stressful, you do not have to walk this alone.  Get budgeting and personal finance help from a Dave Ramsey Preferred Coach.

    • The Way We See: A workshop with author, engineer, spiritual director, and pastor, Tim Harben

      • Saturday, July 25 | 9:00 am-2:00 pm | Room 139

      • ​This workshop gives a practical approach to experiencing the kingdom of God here and now. How we view or see God and the spiritual world drives how we respond to life. Developing our individualized lens will significantly deepen your intimacy with God and help us grow further into Christ-likeness. 

    • 4:19 Disciple Makers Conference

      • Saturday, August 22 | Zoom Call

      • Guest speaker, Greg Ogden, is the author Discipleship Essentials which is a very popular book at Mount Pisgah.  Come learn more about how to join Jesus in his mission and make the next generation of disciples.

    • Connect Series kicks off this fall for new visitors to Mount Pisgah

      • Our Connect Series is the best way to build a foundation and get involved. These series of short classes give new visitors space to know us and we get to know them. We share the history of Mount Pisgah, places to serve, answer faith questions, and provide an overview of the Bible. Classes start after Labor Day and will be offered regularly.

    • More to come on this topic at our next Church Council meeting.


Women's Ministry

Due to COVID quarantine, a few events were canceled, but we are working on Mistletoe 2020, which is our 35 anniversary of this precious Christmas brunch. Vicki Watts is our Mistletoe Chair this year and we are excited about her leadership. The Women’s Ministry Council is also praying over other possible activities for our ladies this fall. 


Hospitality Ministry
  • Michael Jordan worked tirelessly to map out the social distancing plan for the Sanctuary.  He developed several plans and implemented a 9 foot apart layout for Sunday mornings in the Sanctuary, as well as an entry/exit protocol for ushers to seat/release the congregation.

  • Cleaning protocol implemented for Sunday morning services includes misting before/after Sunday services, cleaning during services, wiping down pews, and services between services.

  • New signage throughout the building – COVID preventative measures, social distancing, and mask usage.

  • Coffee and food suspended in the Gathering Area, as well as it is closed until further notice.

  • Helped develop and film a “welcome back” video outlining Sunday morning procedures.

  • Worked with a group of women to sew reusable masks for distribution to those in need.  This is ongoing and we continue to mail out masks when requests are received.


Finance Committee
  • The Finance team is actively closing out the books for fiscal year-end June 30, 2020, and preparing for the new fiscal year.

  • The 2020-2021 Proposed Budget was unanimously approved by the Finance Committee.  Church Council to review and approve on June 25.

  • Mount Pisgah and it's related entities all received funding from the Paycheck Protection Program.  The loan proceeds have been used to cover payroll costs, utilities, and rent expenses over the past 8 weeks.  The covered period was extended to 24 weeks and loan forgiveness applications will be available soon. 


Board of Trustees
  • The Board of Trustees continues to actively and effectively oversee property and equipment maintenance and improvements.  With the help of Trustee, Duane Wood, they are establishing a life cycle capital reserve plan for the funding and replacement of all capital assets.

  • Per the last Board of Trustees meeting held Sunday, June 14, 2020, the 2020-2021 Capital Improvements budget of $250k was approved.  The capital assets to be funded will be determined upon the completion of the capital reserve project.

  • A new activity bus much needed for the Church was ordered 6 months ago and has been in production.  Shipment is expected at the end of this month.


Caring Ministry
  • GriefShare will have its final meeting Sunday, June 28. The fall sessions will begin September 13, 4:00 - 6:00 pm and run for 13 weeks.  Zoom meetings have worked well.   A decision will be made at a  later date regarding how the class will be held based on the virus situation and the group demographics.

  • Four new Stephen Ministers were commissioned on May 31.

  • To date, only one Mt. Pisgah family has been directly affected by COVID -19. There have been several members who have family members affected and a couple of members who lost parents to the virus.

  • Prison Ministry visits are on hold until visitors are allowed at the Atlanta Transitional Center.

  • Blanket Ministry will resume meeting in July.

  • Drive-Thru Prayer will be available Saturday morning, June 27.

  • A Service of Restoration and Renewal was held in the church amphitheater Tuesday, June 23.

  • Funerals are being held again for members only and guests will be seated by ushers and escorted out one family unit by one family unit.  Funeral guidelines for COVID have been established and are being practiced.

  • As hospital visits are still prohibited, prayers over surgeries are being conducted via phone, FaceTime, or Zoom.


Parent Ministry
  • Mom’s Fellowship and Wednesday Night Parent Classes continued to meet weekly via zoom for prayer, support, and devotions.

  • Mom’s of Children with a mental health diagnosis (Strong Mamas) continued to meet weekly via Zoom for prayer and support and now have transitioned into onsite meetings.

  • Sunday morning drop-in support, sharing, and prayer for Moms (who need a break) occurred in April and May (from 8-10 am before church)

  • Resources and meetings (upon request) to support and encourage conversations of our parents with their children about diversity and anti-racism were posted and will be updated online.  Families attended prayer meetings and March through One Race Ministry.

  • Zoom meeting with parents of rising 6th graders to help them support their students as they move into middle school and the Student Life ministry.

  • Weekly classes for parents of 2020 Highschool graduates in June for support and the sharing of resources to help parents with the transition of their students into adulthood.


9:30 AM Worship/Connect

9:30 AM Worship:

  • Online worship for 9:30 is still going strong.  Thank you to all who have been engaging in Sunday morning worship.

  • Billy has found ways to engage the choir virtually and expanded the in-person praise team for Sunday worship with 9 feet of distancing on the platform.

  • Billy is also working to bring back the orchestra in smaller numbers to use for Sunday morning pre and post-service music.

  • July 5th we will have a patriotic service with members of the armed forces.

  • Starting June 29th through July 20th we will be sending out virtual communion services each Monday.  These four Monday services will be available on the Mount Pisgah website. 

  • We are targeting communion in person again on July 26th, so please stay tuned.

Sanctuary Re-Entry

  • Guidelines for entering back into the building were approved by the leadership team and published to the entire congregation.

  • The sanctuary and gathering area have all been marked off to help us maintain 6 feet of distancing moving into the sanctuary and 9 feet inside the sanctuary.

  • Social distance requirements are still in place.  If you know you will be closer than 6 feet to someone, it is recommended you wear a mask.  While masks are not required, they are certainly recommended and is one way we can show how we care for one another.

New Members/Baptisms

  • Membership and baptism have been difficult to do over the past few months as we have been out of the building for Sunday worship.  There are two new members who will be joining virtually in the month of July as well as two baptisms in person June/July. 

  • Jeannie Lewis has helped create a report for Jason to use that is targeting regular attendees to worship who have also given financially to the church regardless of the amount.  This report will be used to engage people in our new member process if they are interested in becoming a member of Mount Pisgah.


Missions Ministry

All global mission trips were canceled as a result of the pandemic.  All of our global ministry partners are experiencing great need in the communities and countries they serve in, due to economic loss as countries attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Since our previous Church Council meeting, Mount Pisgah remains in contact with our mission partners and continues to invest in partnership through our Global Missions gifts and provide relief through the COVID-19 Relief Fund, in Kenya, Venezuela, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Congo, Costa Rica, Ukraine, and Nigeria. We pray and stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ until we are able to be with them once again.