Thursday, April 28

Membership / Baptisms:

  • We had 40 new members since our last meeting and 22 baptisms.  All of these came from our 2022 confirmation class.

  • Jason Zemke was approved for Full Connection during his March Board of Ordained Ministry interviews.  He will be ordained at Annual Conference this June. 

  • Jason has also received a new appointment to Sixes UMC in Canton, Georgia.  Jason’s last Sunday will be June 12 and his last day in the office will be June 16.  He would like to thank Mount Pisgah and the Church Council for their continued support and encouragement of his ordination journey. 

Children's Ministry:

  • EPIC Retreat for 3rd – 5th graders:

  • 55 kids to Camp Lighthouse (20 more than last year)

  • 22 who’ve never participated in any Children’s Ministry event/service

  • 19 from MPCS 

  • 6 from MP en Espanol 

  •  New – Mother’s Day Family Edition May 8th: “Hats off to Moms” that includes special breakfast, games, messages, etc. for the whole family. 

  • VBS update: 

    • 222 kids (81% full)

    • 80 volunteers (53%)


Caring Ministry:

  • Emergency needs have been met for multiple families for rent help, counseling and food needs

  • Multiple funerals have occurred since our last meeting – especially over the last month

  • GriefShare started up a couple of weeks ago and we have a very viable group of 6 people.  Bill Creech is co-leading with Valorie Deel.

  • Peace After Divorce continues with 4 people.  Valorie Deel is leading this group.  Please pray for a new leader to come forward.

  • Caring Council is planning a morning of How to Give Care on a Saturday in late March or late summer.  A morning that will help people know how to help someone in need.  Many times we want to help, but we don’t know how to help.  It would be from 9:00 – 12:00 and give people some confidence in knowing how to reach out to others.

  • USO has gone to the airport twice taking sandwiches and snacks to our military.

  • Blanket Ministry donated over 200 blankets which were given out to multiple nursing homes, VA Hospital and many prayer shawls to individuals going through difficult days.

  • Shield-A-Badge is preparing to renew prayer partners for each officer.  There are many new officers on the force and we’ll look forward to covering them and their families in prayer.

  • Stephen Ministry continues to give help and hope to individuals as they journey through difficult/transitional days

Global Missions:

NEW Lunch Learn Schedule

  • 5/11      Mully Children’s Family – Kenya (Craig Steuterman)

  • 5/18      Elam Ministries – Iran and Middle East (Joe Connor)

  • 6/1        Venezuela Now (David and Glenn Paris)

  • 6/22      Water@Work - Dominican Republic (Dan Blevins)

  • 7/13      ILI (International Leadership Institute) – 100 countries (Tim McWhorter)

  • 7/27      Receiving His Life Ministries (Hernando Montana)


  • While we were away..When the pandemic hit, Global Missions went into a deep freeze for almost every church. How were our global missions ministry partners impacted when the mission trips stopped and sources of ministry funds were impacted by a global pandemic? 

  •  Would it surprise you to know many of our global missions ministry partners have thrived over the last 2-3 years? You are invited to have lunch with us and hear how God is moving in wonderful ways and His provision for Mully Children’s Famil (Kenya), Elam Ministries (Iran and the Middle East), Venezuela Now, Water@Work (Dominican Republic), International Leadership Institute (Eastern Europe and 100 countries), and Receiving His Life Ministries (Discipleship/Hernando).

  • We will meet in-person and over Zoom on several Wednesdays in May, June and July at 12:00 noon for 1 hour.  Please register in advance through this link (insert link) so we can plan on food and how many people are joining us.

  • Join us for lunch or over Zoom, bring your heart and passion, and hear how God is moving. First up is Mully Children’s Family. Did you know that Mully now has 11 different campuses operating and took in over 1,200 children last year!

Ukraine Support

  • To date, we have sent $82,850 ($75,400 from MP/PRUMC and $7,450 from RHLM) for Ukraine Support and $86,855 has been donated ($78,405 from MP congregants Peachtree Road UMC congregants, Georgia for Georgia donors, and $8,450 from RHLM). A detailed report of all giving is available for anyone who wants to see where all of the money has been given. A separate letter has been provided CLICK HERE TO READ highlighting how gifts are being used and the connection and coordination between the Methodist Church in Romania and Ukraine. The need continues for our prayers and support.


  • We are in the process of finalizing a date for the next TOGETHER Worship and Fellowship, to be held outside of our 4 walls and in the community, most likely in Newtown Park. Once a date is secured, we will begin communicating to the congregation.  

Traditional Worship Ministry:

New Ministry Initiatives

  • K-5 choir musical – May 1st

  • Kickoff of new Choir rehearsal room S139 & choir social – May 4th

  • Choir Elections for new year (to begin on July 1st) - May 11th

  • Organ Sunday  – May 29th

  • Mens Ensemble - June 19th

  • Outdoor concert - July

Recently Completed Events

  • Working with school for chapel service – February 17th

  • Combined "Together" Service - February 27th

  • Ash Wednesday - with school band/orchestra participation - March 2nd

  • Ladies Ensemble - March 6th & April 3rd

  • Preschool choir musical – March 30th

  • Holy Week (Children on Palm Sunday, Ladies/Brass at Sunrise, Full choir/orchestra at 9:30)

Contemporary Worship Ministry:

  • We had an incredible Holy Week with a massive volunteer worship team for both Good Friday and Easter. 

  • Easter Sunday we had a student choir of about 15 6th-12th graders lead Lion, Ain’t No Grave and What a Beautiful Name. Our worship creative team played a video over Ain’t No Grave of all the baptisms that took place this year while the students sang “… if you walked out of the grave, I’m walking too”. It was incredible! 

DiscipleLife Ministry:

  • DiscpleLife had 55 people attend the evangelistic conference with Randy Pope called Express Your Faith on February 26th from 9-3 pm in the Gathering area.  We learned tools and conversations about how to bring up Jesus and the spiritual needs in our life.

  •  Women’s Ministry has a silent retreat coming up this Saturday, April 30th from 9-12 noon in the Sanctuary. There are stations to prompt us in prayer with our Lord. 

Mount Pisgah en Español:

  • New Ministry Initiatives Include:

  • We are starting the group of young women with Jesus, from ages14 to 21 years. They will meet once or twice a month. The Leader will be Camila and she will have an advisory committee

  • We will be sending two boxes with food and clothing to Venezuela in the month of May 2022

  • We are forming the group of "Homes of light". The leader is Mr. Demetrio. Our goal is to have 3 new groups in the month of May 2022. The goal is for us to have homes where we study the word of God and pray

  • We will perform baptisms on May 22, 2022. We have more than 8 people who we are teaching about the meaning of baptism

  • We will be doing special services to celebrate Mothers and Fathers Day. We will have a lunch for each day and a service where we will tell them how much we value and love them.

  • The Bank of Love has its board of directors in El Salvador and the board of directors in our Mount Pisgah Church. We received a donation of $3,000 dollars to support women heads of household with productive projects in El Salvador. We have 6 projects which will be given 5 classes where the project is structured and we also teach them to be disciples of Christ.

  • Recent church events that we complete with attendance numbers:

  • We are happy to be able to share with all our Mount Pisgah Church the lunches of traje, which take place on the last Sunday of each month

  • The prayer services on Fridays have an attendance of more than 50 people in person and is broadcasted on Facebook (25 people online)

  • We accompany and support in prayer each family that collects food in the Roswell Methodist Church program. (about 150 families the first Monday of each month)

  • The coffee with Jesus program, which takes place every two weeks, has an attendance of 9 young adults and is led by Melvin Garfias

  • On Wednesdays, we have Pizza with Jesus for young people with an attendance of more than 40 young people and 10 children

  • The women's ministry met with an attendance of more than 35 women

  • Fridays of Glory (event on the last Friday of each month) has an attendance of 60 people

  • We continue the singing classes for the worship group with an attendance of 5 people

  • Average attendance at Sunday services in person is 170 people and online is 110 people

  • We continue to perform our services on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm in person and online. With a face-to-face attendance of 30 and more than 20 people online.

  • We have 1 light homes with an average attendance of 8 people per group. The meeting takes place every 8 days, in Antonio Varela's house.

  • We continue to support the Fresh Expressions program where dinner is shared at the Villa de Marisol complex (formerly Holcom Bridge). The program is supported by the Sunday Supper ministry

  • We are helping and giving advice and counseling to 4 marriage couples and 6 personal cases

  • The men's group has held monthly meetings and we went and climbed  Stone Mountain and have a barbecue at Imer's house. Attendance was over 30 men per event.

  • Classes on Sundays for children from 9 to 13 years old from 11:15 to 12:00. Attendance is 13 children per Sunday

  • We have the prayer by Zoom at 10:00 pm from Monday to Thursday of each week. With an attendance of 15 people per day

  • We carry out the breakfast of leaders and volunteers each month, with an attendance of 20 people.

  • We continue with the campaign one invites one. It is praying for a relative or friend and modeling the testimony of what Christ is doing in each one of us and inviting him to the Church so that he learns to have a relationship with God.

  • We have every Tuesday at 7:30 pm by Zoom level 1 of discipleship, with an attendance of 15 people and the third level we do every Monday (by Zoom) at 7:30 pm with an attendance of 10 people

  • Updates on the progress of the general ministry going forward:

  • We continue with our mission and vision of making disciples here, there and everywhere, passionate and in love with Jesus Christ. Being a Church of life where Jesus heals, restores people, families and we expand the Kingdom of God

  • We will continue to motivate, encourage and train people to follow the model of Jesus (Discipleship). For people to connect with God through prayer, fasting and have a new lifestyle that reflects the life of Christ.

  • We will continue to focus on giving spiritual nourishment to the members of Mount Pisgah in Spanish, so that they can mature and develop a good and solid relationship with God.

  • We continue to make disciples here, there and everywhere.

  • We continue to provide counseling and spiritual guidance to couples, adults, couples, and the youngest members of our Church.

  • Thank you to the Mount Pisgah family for supporting us with all the food, and donations. Also, most of all thank you for your love and support of our community.

Finance Committee:

  • New Ministry Initiatives: 

  • the Finance Ministry has begun the budget process for the new fiscal year July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023.  All ministries are currently preparing their proposed budgets which are due April 29.

  • General Ministry Progress Update

  • We are just past the halfway point of the RISE journey and celebrate the faithful generosity of our congregation. Gifts received to date total $7 million or 58% of our $12 million projection.  Every dollar given helps us advance our mission to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ.


Board of Trustees:

  • New Ministry Initiatives: 

  • The Board of Trustees continues to actively and effectively manage church property, equipment, and investments in capital improvements.  A new capital budget for the fiscal year July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023 is being considered and will be determined at the next Board of Trustees meeting to be held Sunday, June 12, 2022.

  • Recently Completed Events and Stats: 

  • The renovation of the cemetery building located on South Campus has just been completed.  The building will provide much needed storage space and the church can now eliminate off-site storage costs.

  • General Ministry Progress Update: 

  • One major capital project underway is the foundation repair to Building R (Beacon/Summit Building).  Foundation Worx was retained to evaluate the settling and perform the necessary repairs.  Project to be completed by end of April.

Parent Ministry:


  • The Parent Confirmation class had its highest percentage attendance of parents in its 14-year history with many reports of discipline tools being used already. 

  •  A group of 20 parents just finished up a Wednesday night class called "Celebrate Calm" which blends practical tools with Biblical principles to help parents find a balance of grace and guidance and they "train their children in the way they should go. " 

  •  The Moms Fellowship Bible study will be transitioning from weekly Bible study to biweekly play dates and monthly dinners for the summer. 

  •  The small group for parents of children with a range of mental health will begin its 3rd year and continue to meet through the summer. 

  •  A new collaboration between the Discipleship council and parent ministry is working on a continuum of practical tools and recourses for adults (parents,  grandparents, etc) to use to disciple the next generation. 


Pisgah Fosters:


  • The 3rd Parents Day Out event was held in February with over 60 volunteers who spent the day loving a d playing with 23 children from 9 foster families so their parents can get some much-needed time. They also left with 5 frozen meals each from the Loaves and Fishes ministry. 

  • 18 Easter baskets full of clothing, books, chocolate bunnies and other gifts were provided to families from Wellroot Family Services and kids from one of the families we support through a care team. 

  • We launched a new care team for a family in Gwinnett County who are fostering 2 brothers and have just adopted the older, with paper pending for the younger sibling.  They also continue to support 3 children from their last placement. 

Hospitality Ministry:

  • Continue to see at least 2 first time, new visitors each week for Sunday worship.  In addition, and growing from last Easter, saw a lot of familiar faces on Easter morning worship with about 1500 people in the building between all three services.  

  • Revamped welcome bags again for first time visitors, now including many opportunities to get involved with classes and activities.

  • Coordinated with volunteers to decorate two living crosses for Easter, one in the Gathering Area and another in the Underground for our Mount Pisgah in Spanish congregation.

  • Worked with worship team to plan a welcoming Easter Sunday worship for three services, including a hospitality room for staff and volunteers who were in attendance all morning.  

  • Moving in to spring, enhanced the outside of the building with flowers and plants.

  • Worked with HR to coordinate and plan a staff appreciation day.

  • Continue to engage with mission partners in the community for our monthly Outreach of the Month

Communications and Marketing:

New Ministry Initiatives:

  • Developing a NEW Summer Social Media Contest for engagement online during the busy travel season. The purpose is to stay connected until our Mount Pisgah small groups relaunch in August 2022, It will be a Summer Trivia Contest that will start on National Social Media Day on June 30th. 

  • Researching 2022 opportunities to partner with local organizations in the North Fulton area during community events for local marketing outreach opportunities. Mount Pisgah had Easter invites and Splash Sunday information for a City of Johns Creek Egg Hunt on display.

  • Managing the search engine marketing for 2022 Mount Pisgah worship opportunities and events using our Google Advertising nonprofit grant. 

  • Recently Completed Events and Stats:

  • Successful digital promotions for Good Friday & Easter Sunday include:

    • Targeted Digital Social Media Advertising for families in Johns Creek, Roswell, Cumming, and Alpharetta. Our Digital advertising reports show we had over 900 clicks to our website page for more information on Holy Week 2022.

    • Mount Pisgah Family Life Alan White was a featured guest on FaithTalk Live radio and podcast regarding Holy Week 2022.

    • Along with our Mount Pisgah Worship Leader Abby Harmon, secured the Stations in the Street Art for our Good Friday Outdoor Service from Artist Scott Erickson and highlighted this during our Holy Week advertising campaign.