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Part 2 - A Pilgrimage Through Life

We left off last week anticipating learning what Esther 4:14 (And who knows but that you have come to your royal dignity for just such a time as this?”) has to do with aging. Esther had “royal dignity” though she wasn’t even 20 years old. This has more to do with dignity as we age than the actual person in the bible but the verse is on point. You don’t have to reach a certain age to catch yourself in the mirror and think, “when did I get this old?” It does seem to happen more in the third stage of life though, doesn’t it? Have you experience this? We think and feel one age but then the mirror tells a more real story. Does this evoke negative thoughts like, “I’m not as productive as I used to be”, “I lack purpose anymore”, “what do I have to contribute to society now” or maybe other negative thoughts creep in? Do we feel like we even possess a “royal dignity”? I think sometimes in life, we are our happiest when we feel like we have purpose, when we are doing what we feel called to do, when we are being true to ourselves. When this stage in life creeps in and life changes, we can tend to forget how to be true to who we are. That shouldn’t have to change as we age. Just as we took pride in our work and our accomplishments in our midlife, we should still take that same pride now in these older years. We still have MUCH to accomplish, MUCH to contribute, MUCH to learn and teach! But wait! There is more good news! During this stage in life, we gain an even bigger dose of self-respect, an inner peace knowing we have stayed true to who we are. We have gained our royal dignity even in the midst of life change, challenges, and adjustments. So, live like royalty. Hold your head high. God esteems you!

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