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Lunch de Traje is a monthly tradition our Mount Pisgah in Spanish brothers and sisters have been enjoying for many years.  It is a time for food, fellowship, and being family together. It's an open invitation to the entire Mount Pisgah family.  If you would like to enjoy being together with your church family for a time of fellowship outside of worship, the meal will be held on the last Sunday of each month in the gathering area.  Food will be served at the close of the 11 am services (English and Spanish).  Please consider bringing one dish that will serve roughly 12 people.  

Q&A for Lunch de Traje:


What kind of food should we bring and how much? 

If you are able, please bring a dish that is a family favorite and bring enough to serve at least 12 people.  This can be a cold or warm dish or a favorite dessert. If it’s not possible to bring a dish, please know that everyone is welcome and there will be plenty of food to share.


Where should our food be stored the morning of the event?

Warming trays will be available in the gathering area if you have a dish that needs to remain warm.  If you have an item that needs refrigeration there is a refrigerator in the second-floor kitchen you can use.


Who will be setting up and serving the food?

There are volunteers from both our Spanish and English-speaking services that will be responsible for setting up the food and serving those coming to eat. 


Do we need to bring utensils for serving?

Yes.  It would be helpful if you bring utensils necessary to serve the dish if they are required.


What needs to be done for cleanup?

All we ask is that you take your plates to the trash receptacles and stay long enough to take any serving dish/utensils home with you once the lunch is over. 


What about drinks?

Drinks will be provided for the meal. 


What about plates, napkins, forks, knives, etc.?

All of these items will be provided for the meal.

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