fresh expressions gathering

April 1 - 3 | Reston, VA


This is a moment of hopeful opportunity for the Church in America. Perhaps you feel the pain of a dwindling congregation or denomination. Perhaps this makes you concerned for the future. But we have evidence that God is at work future-fitting the church. We see the unfolding of Present Future Church that is breathing life and hope into existing congregations and the neighborhoods and networks around them. This gathering will reconnect you with hope for the Church


  • Hope for facing tomorrow's difficulties with 2,000 years of missionary experience

  • Hope from practitioners who have blended new and inherited forms of Church

  • Hope for how your church can address the complex social realities of the future

Three days of immersive learning, expert advice and missional inspiration, including:


  • Introductory training for people who are new to fresh expressions

  • Advanced, strategic training for those who have already begun to pioneer new expressions of Church

  • Immersive experiences that model what a fresh expression can look like

  • Peer-level meetups to learn from others who have similar needs

  • and much more!


Join us and catch the vision for a church that is filled with hope and anticipation as we journey into the mission landscape where God’s Spirit beckons us. Register at the link below.



2850 Old Alabama Rd

Johns Creek, GA 30022

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