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Connect to Mount Pisgah


Introductions (Get to know them and they get to know us) 

Focus for Connect to MP:

In addition to sharing about MP, a focus of this 3-week class is relationship building and connections. Try to make a personal connection with each participant and admire something about their life. Help to feel valued as a creation of God and attendee at MP. If they are shy or skeptical, do not push, but still, look for a way to validate them and help them be known.

This is the first week of class, and your mission is to help everyone feel comfortable, get to know them, and help them get to know each other. Begin with an ice breaker; some ideas: have everyone tell where they grew up/best vacation/what they would do with 3 free hours/favorite food/etc.

Introduce yourself (how long you have been at our Church), what is special to you, and share about why you serve at Mount Pisgah. 

Introduce the content for this class (in your own words):

Thank you for making the commitment to attend our Connect to Mount Pisgah class.  We are excited God has brought you to this church and we look forward to walking alongside you in your faith journey.  It is through our active involvement in the Body of Christ that we can grow and mature in our Christian journey.  Our prayer for you is that this church becomes a place where you can find the encouragement and support you need to navigate life each day.   


Becoming a member of this local church gives us the chance to invest in you and help you grow in your life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  We look forward to being with you on this three-week journey, to invest in you and to help you grow in your faith and become a witness to others about the work of Christ in your life. 

By design, this week is especially short on content and long on discussion. There is no teaching video, just a 2-minute video on the history of the church. The facilitator will cover these points (in your own words) as participants follow along in their books.

Go around the room and ask each person:

“What are you looking for in a church?” (pages 2-3)

Do not spend the class time trying to convenience them of what we have to meet that. But validate their desire and encourage them to journey on in our classes to learn more about those topics. If someone has an unusual or specific need, try to connect with them after class to help them.

Play the short video of the history of Mount Pisgah.

Briefly cover the history of Mount Pisgah (pages 4 and 5):

Mount Pisgah has been loving God and people since 1831. Notice in the highlights of our 189-year history the focus on serving and loving our neighbor – the Cherokee Indians, early frontiersmen, those devastated by war, the local community, and the Spanish speaking community.  


The timeline below is on page 5 of the participant’s guide. Briefly touch on some key events in the church history.  


  • 1750s

    • John and Charles Wesley start a Bible study with fellow Oxford University students who were methodical in their way of life and became known as Methodists.  

  • 1760s

    • Methodism arrived in America, led by Francis Asbury, 

  • 1784

    • A conference of Methodist preachers formed the Methodist Episcopal Church  

  • 1780s – 1960s

    • Several churches and denominations were formed as descendants of the Methodist Episcopal Church  

  • 1831

    • Ms. Martin’s one room log house, Martin’s Chapel, was one of six circuit churches in the Georgia frontier 

  • Late 1860s

    • A new brick church was built on Jones Bridge road to replace the original chapel burned by Union troops. The church began to grow as it served those devasted by war.  

  • 1920s

    • Another one room frame house was built near the cemetery on Nesbit Ferry Rd.  

  • 1940s

    • New sanctuary building was completed.  

  • 1962

    • An educational building was added.  

  • 1967

    • A brick home was moved to the church property to serve as a parsonage 

  • April 23, 1968

    • The United Methodist Church was created from the fragmented segments of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  

  • 1986

    • South Hall Worship and Family Life Center allows Mount Pisgah to more than triple its membership.  

  • 1986

    • Preschool program began  

  • 1988-90

    • New education building and family life center was added to South Hall 

  • 1999

    • Church purchased 17 acres on Nesbit Ferry Rd 

  • 2002

    • The North campus building completed, and worship moved to this sanctuary  

  • 2002

    • Mount Pisgah en Español began on south campus 

  • 2010

    • The Underground student center was added on the North campus  

  • 2017

    • All church activities are now on north campus and we continue to update and adapt to meet the needs of our congregation 

  • 2020

    • The United Methodist Church is one of the largest protestant churches in the world.

Discussion questions (page 7 of the participant book):

What interested or surprised you about the history of Mount Pisgah?  


Ms. Martin served Cherokee Indians, then those devastated by the Civil War. As the demographic around Mount Pisgah changed, the church adapted. Who do you see as the focus of serving and loving our neighbors today? 

What have you found that you like about Mount Pisgah so far? What do you think we need more of?  


Can you imagine life at Mount Pisgah in another 50 years? 100 years? Is it daunting to imagine how the church will keep up with modern life? What do you think we’ll need to do to remain relevant? 

Tough questions prep:   

Someone may ask about the current division in the UMC regarding human sexuality. Explain that a lot is still unknown and being discussed. Encourage anyone wanting to know more to schedule a meeting with our main teaching pastors. Here are the emails if they ask (give to that one person after class):


You are important to the overall Church of Jesus Christ and to our church. It is people, people like you, who make the church special and lasting, eternal change.

Invite them back next week to learn more about what we stand for how to get connected to different aspects of our Church.




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