What Is the common ground network?

The Common Ground Network is Mount Pisgah's effort to take the church Jesus loves to the people Jesus loves in North Fulton and is made up of newly formed and forming communities of faith. The Common Ground Network (CGN) has its roots in the Fresh Expressions movement. Fresh Expressions are;

  • A form of church for our changing culture, established primarily for the benefit of those who are not yet part of any church. Each Common Ground Network community seeks to connect with people in their everyday rhythms of life.

  • Our world and culture are changing rapidly and yet God and the message of God's love and grace do not. With fewer people attending church on Sunday mornings we can accept the decline or move outside of our walls to meet and build relationships with new people. 

How Do Common Ground Networks Grow?
  1. Listen – Take the appropriate amount of time to listen. Listen to the context, to where there are needs in the community, to where people may be open to conversations and sharing life together. Pay Attention

  2. Love and Serve – After listening well, love, and serve in tangible ways. By loving and serving, we have an opportunity to have deeper relationships and build trust.

  3. Build Community – As you love and serve, a community will start to form and life will be shared.

  4. Explore Discipleship – From the community that has been formed, we look for ways to explore discipleship together. Discipleship is at the heart of every Acts Network group as we seek to have these communities know of a God who loves them.

  5. Church Taking Shape – As a community starts to explore discipleship a church begins to take shape. As this happens, each group will implement elements of worship that make sense for its context.

  6. Prayer – The entire journey is undergirded by prayer. Every step of the way we lift these efforts to God and seek wisdom and discernment about how to connect with those far from God.

Currently cultivating list of CGN's
  • 6 Bridges Brewing | Pioneers Rachel and Brice Campbell

  • Sanford | Pioneer Karen Hulbert

  • Sunday Supper at NFCC | Pioneer Heather Jallad

  • Bibles and Burritos | Pioneer Shelly McClain

  • Haynes Bridge Community | Pioneers Glen and David Parris

  • Ground and Pound | Pioneers Glen and David Parris

Training, Studies, & Supplies:

The Field Guide to Methodist Fresh Expressions by Michael Beck and Jorge Acevedo

An Online Study with Rev. Heather Jallad

  • Wednesdays

  • 7:00 - 8:15  PM

  • Zoom

Fresh Expressions are a form of church for our changing culture, established primarily for the benefit of those who are not yet part of any church.” This is a description of Fresh Expressions, a movement that strives to introduce people to Jesus, expand the kingdom, and revitalize churches. Pastors Michael Beck and Jorge Acevedo travel nationwide awakening congregational leaders to a distinctively Wesleyan approach to the movement, saying, in fact, that Fresh Expressions is the most “Methodist” thing in the denomination today. In A Field Guide to Methodist Fresh Expressions, they remind Wesleyans of their roots and show congregations how to bring that tradition into modern-day, yet local, contexts.




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