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Our Mission

Making Disciples of Jesus Christ, Here, There and Everywhere

We are a vital community of believers who take The Great Commission seriously.  God will bless our church and those whom we serve because of our steadfast commitment to this fundamental calling from our Lord and Savior.


Discover Mount Pisgah’s 5 Keys of Discipleship


We frame the Great Commission in light of Jesus’ promises just before His Ascension:


But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8)


Our mission field refers to physical places, but also constituencies:


By “Here” we mean embracing those people who walk through our doors in search of spiritual meaning, particularly focused on our discipling and shepherding efforts


By “There” we mean our larger immediate circle, including our local community and North Georgia.  We strive to show love and compassion through our Service and Caring ministries (NFCC, Disaster Relief, Nursing Homes, Celebrate Recovery, etc.). Our congregants will have a bias to be invitational to individuals and our broader local community


By “Everywhere” we mean outside of our North Georgia region, to a national and international circle (Global Missions, Denominational Work, etc.)

We will continually seek God’s Will as we determine how and where we use the resources He has provided to us.

Our Vision

A Vital Church, Transforming Lives, Expanding God’s Kingdom


A Vital Church


We are a passionate community of believers that extend out in a series of generational, cultural, and vocational branches — rooted in the wholeness, health and vitality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


I am the true vine, and my father is the gardener … Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.  (John 15:1-4)


Transforming Lives


Our spirit is renewed and hearts are transformed. Here the Body of Christ takes shape. Christ’s grace, mercy and salvation have made us a new creation, but His work in us is far from over.


Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. –Romans 12:2


Expanding God’s Kingdom


We strive to expand Christ’s kingdom in breadth and depth by being His hands and feet, by loving those in our lives as Christ first loved us. We give hope to the hopeless, shelter to the fatherless, a compass for the lost, a voice for those who cannot speak on their own.

Our Values

Our CORE VALUES define our identity.

They are the things we hold sacred and indisputable. They are the heart and soul of who we are as a church body. They are our DNA.


A People Focused on the Good News


We believe in the authenticity of the Bible, and that scripture is the highest source of authority for God’s plan for His people. The Gospels are our foundation of what we believe, and what we do.


A Place to Call Home


We gather from Here, There, and Everywhere. We are a unique family of believers embracing and loving people of all ages, races, backgrounds, marital status, and spiritual maturity, united by the redemption Jesus Christ has given us. We are passionate about helping people experience the transforming love of Jesus Christ, and to become fully devoted followers of Him. This is reflected in our Christ-centered worship experience, our small groups, and our ministries.


A Partner for Spiritual Growth


We make disciples of Jesus Christ. This is as much a mindset as it is a mission. Mount Pisgah provides tools, training, environments, and experiences that nurture a growing faith relationship with Jesus Christ, but we believe every individual must embrace his/her own spiritual journey. Mount Pisgah equips the called to spread the Good News of the Gospel to whomever, whenever, and wherever. Sundays are just the beginning.

A Platform that Launches Us to Serve


We serve as the hands and feet of Christ. We engage the community at the point of their need and share Christ’s love with them in practical ways. This may be in our communities, workplaces, homes, or wherever God calls us. He gave us the chance to see that no one is undeserving of God’s love – and no time or place is without an occasion to be the feet and hands of Jesus. This is the heart of how we Love God – Love People.

Leadership TEAM:
steve wood

Lead Pastor


Office: 678-869-1328

Helen Caudill

Director of Finance


Office: 678-869-1053

Michael Jordan

Missions Pastor


Office: 678-869-1236

jason zemke

Connect Pastor


Office: 678-869-1319

mark danzey

Senior Associate Pastor


Office: 678-869-1121

beth barnwell

Senior Administrative Assistant


Office: 678-869-1241

beth laury

Director of Disciple Life


Office: 678-869-1216

Heather Jallad

Pastor of Community Engagement


Office: 678-869-1014

Jeremiah Borger

Director of Marketing & Communications


Office: 678-869-1028

alan white

Family Life Pastor


Office: 678-869-1301

Alan White

Family Life Pastor


Office: 678-869-1301

christen clark

Children’s Large Group Director

Office: 678-869-1062

Tyler Johnson

Student Pastor

Michelle Gray

Director of Student Ministry


Office: 678-869-1258

rita felice

Director of Children's Ministry


Office: 678-869-1148

natalie crabtree

Children's Event Coordinator


Office: 678-869-1107

Caroline Freemyer

Student Pastor

jenny bramel

Parent Edition Coordinator

Office: 678-869-1042

Sarah Cate Barnes

Children's Program Coordinator


Office: 678-869-1236

diane jager

Director of Nursery, Wee Worship

Office: 678-869-1208

abby harmon

Worship Arts Leader


Office: 678-869-1196

Lauren Ray

Special Needs Coordinator

Traditional Worship Service TEAM:
Billy Payne

Worship Arts Leader


Office: 678-869-1247

disciplelife TEAM:
Mark Danzey

Senior Associate Pastor


Office: 678-869-1121

Beth Laury

Director of Disciple Life


Office: 678-869-1216

katie garrison

Disciple Life Coordinator


Office: 678-869-1173

caring TEAM:
valorie deel

Caring Pastor


Office: 678-869-1135

karen hulbert

Director of Senior Ministry


Office: 678-869-1324

connect/hospitality team:
Jason Zemke

Connect Pastor


Office: 678-869-1319

kristina felton

Hospitality Director


Office: 678-869-1151

communications & Creative team:
Jeremiah Borger

Director of Marketing & Communications


Office: 678-869-1028

Kyle Johnson

Worship Arts Technical Producer

Office: 678-869-1210

lori womble

Senior Graphic Designer


Office: 678-869-1305

Peter Desio

Technical Manager


Office: 678-869-1137

Mickey Lyons

Director of Technical Ministries

Office: 678-869-1239

Mount Pisgah in Spanish team:
jorge henao

Hispanic Ministry Pastor


Office: 678-869-1205

finance/stewardship/facilities team:
Helen Caudill

Director of Finance


Office: 678-869-1053

jeannie lewis

Database Mgr. & Stewardship Coordinator


Office: 678-869-1235

sarah cavanaugh

Database Coordinator


Office: 678-869-1057

beth giddes

Director of Finance & Human Resources


Office: 678-869-1187

darlene walls

Accounting Specialist


Office: 678-869-1293

oscar rivas

Facilities Supervisor


Office: 678-869-1242

Kevin Sisson

IT Director


Office: 678-869-1187

lea taylor

Ministry Assistant


Office: 678-869-1261

jackie hollingsworth



2850 Old Alabama Rd

Johns Creek, GA 30022

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