4:19 School of Disciple Makers is a training platform from Mount Pisgah Church that equips leaders to make disciples. We provide resources, knowledge, and skills needed to disciple those God entrusted to us. Online resources, weekly podcast, and monthly sacred moments practices will build up your skill set in practical ways to lead groups and provide one-on-one discipleship.

Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church is on a mission that is the foundation for everything we say, do, and believe. We are prayerfully working to transform lives by leading others to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The example of Jesus – loving our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:36–40) – is ingrained in our every effort to reach neighbors in our immediate community and around the world. Love God, love people is what it is about. We invite you to join us!

4:19 Weekly Podcast:

A conversation of what it means to live the Great Commission brought directly to you! If you are a believer, you will benefit from these weekly bite-sized conversations of what God is doing through your life. Each episode will be based on an important topic to help you along your journey.

Sacred Moments practices:

5:30 - 6:30 PM | Room S305


Sunday Monthly Spiritual Practice sessions –These are contemplative in nature so our leaders can draw closer to God and become better guides in the spiritual disciplines. They are 5:30-6:30 pm on the 2nd Sunday of the month. There will be a short 10-minute teaching on the requested topic. The majority of the time will be guided for engagement with the Holy Spirit. This time will be a sacred space for everyone to connect with Christ in a new and personal way. Both disciple and disciple-makers invited. No two evenings will be structured exactly the same. There will be softer lighting or candles, prompts of worship like a cross and gentle music. Time will include: 


  • Welcome announcements opening prayer 

  • 10 minutes teaching on a spiritual discipline 

  • Guided questions and reflections 

  • Times of silence and communing with God 

  • Liturgy and worship: Leave in silence and use the ride home for reflection of this sacred experience.


Registration available here. Nursery is available for ages 5th grade and younger by registration.

dates to remember:

oct 13

The Compass

nov 10


feb 9

Meditation with Images

jan 12

The Examen

jan 18

Kingdom Paradigm

mar 8

Lectio Divina

apr 12

Meditation with Images




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